dark-woods-wallpaper-2Light’s are glowing

And red is flowing

And I can see

Him watching me

And I’m just a rabbit and he’s the fox

Running me through traps, setting me in locks

He’s got the most charming words and the sweetest smiles

While he’s waiting to eat me alive the whole while

He’s patient, logical and smart

He knows all the best ways to tear out your heart

From the beginning he plotted it all

He knows exactly where I’ll trip up and fall

Loading the springs and tightening wires

Lighting the match to set the forest on fire

And he’ll  trick me every time and he knows

But he’s perfected his poker face and nothing will show

He’s just testing my waters to be sure I’ll float

Then stalking me down to bite out my throat

He’s beautiful enough to steal away your breath

Glowing perfection- a scarlet angel of death

That sardonic smile will mess with my mind

Driving me into such madness that it can’t be defined

Green eyes will burn in my sleep every night

Watching me around corners when there’s no one in sight

I’m just a rabbit and I’m just his prey

And he’s just a shining moment that can’t stay

And I know he’s a killer who’ll bring us both a rope around our necks

But I’m more than ready for what’s happening next

And when I break his labels

And turn over his tables

I’ll be holding the gun to his head

Holding all the power instead

And I’ll figure out how

I’ll follow through after I say “So who’s dangerous now?”




Who is this person so focused on perfection,

Because that’s not me I see when I look at my reflection,

That’s not me people come up to excitedly calling my name,

Is this life an illusion- could it all just be a game?

Because right now I’m trapped between two different sides,

Switching back and forth like changing tides,

Fire and water and flame and frost,

Tossing and turning and I keep getting lost,

Can’t find my way out, lost in this sea,

Forever searching for which side is me,

Who is this person who acts like they’re brave,

When inside they’re so insanely afraid?

Who is this person with a million friends?

A million things started that they already know will end?

Who is this person who is scared to look in the mirror- scared of what they’ll see?

Because I’m scared of what it will look like if I see the real me?

Gazing alone up at the stars,

Wondering how a mind could wander so far,

What will they do when they discover this war inside?

When they discover everything I tried so hard to hide?

Who is person who’s covered in scars,

but hides them because they keep running from who they are?

Who is this person who sees the truth and runs,

Because they’re terrified of the act they’ve begun?

There’s two wars in me,

Two sides that they’ll soon see, But neither have yet won,

Two different stories- or are those two reflections really one?