Beforehand was the worst part

With fire sparking between the cracks of a broken heart

And the air was so intense

As both sides readied their best defense

Then storm clouds began rolling in

Alive with energy and darker than sin

And fear burned bright

In a hate- riddled night

And I took a deep breath

And stepped into the shadow of death

And the storm rode high

So loud it was deafening and I

Stood there with the wind running over me

Threatened by all the wild waves of the sea

And all these chains dragged me down

But as lightning crashed around

And rained streamed down my skin

Realizing just what position I was in

And the storm tore away the fear and set me free

And it when the lightning struck my heart I could finally  breathe

And as it faded and with it’s own life took mine

I laughed for the first time










Flashes of eyes as silver as moonlight

Wind and hands soft and deadly as night

Try to run, trip, fall

Listen in terror to the sound of the wolf’s calls

Laughter from somewhere in the trees

As you try and run from me

Thorns snag you and you keep seeing them as claws

Can’t see the beauty for all fear’s flaws

The night’s dark wings as soft as wolf’s fur

The dark laughs, the pain, the shining whispers

Run and run, blood flows as skin’s torn

As you run in fear of the storm

Go on, run away from me

Pretend that you’ll be free

If you run far enough, hard enough, you can escape

But you know inside that it’s far too late

You’re efforts are worthless, you’re going in circles

You should’ve known that lying could be this hurtful

It was your lie that brought you here

Into your greatest fear

You knew it was coming but you didn’t stop

My own anger and fear rose over the top

Then the monster came out and now you’re on the run

Look at what your own foolish actions have begun

Clouds in the distance and lightning strikes

You’re running from me though you fear the wolf’s bite

Don’t try and apologize, don’t try and resist

We both know the wolf in me doesn’t listen to it

You should’ve trusted me, it would’ve been fine

But you went and crossed all the lines

So run, fly away into the forest

Maybe by morning you’ll be off my list

Stars and shadows, blood and a moon that’s full

And suddenly I’m hunting your trail like an animal

Tracking you down through rivers of moonlight

With the side of me that has the heart of the night

Scarlet roses, dark rivers, thorns

As you run for your life from the storm

Fire, frost and ice and cold

If only you’d done what you’d been told

Now your sprinting, struggling for breath

Doing your best to escape the storm of death

But there’s one little thing I’ve never told you

And oh, if only you knew

That as the storm is drawing near

The storm of death is your own fear