Voices echo off the walls

As I watch him watch me from across the hall

I hear his voice swirl through my brain

24/7, I think I’m going insane

He speaks a thousand words all through a perfect silence

Playing with both sides- in one hand faith the other science

He’ll let me go, saying he’s set me free

Then whisper in my ear that he could never leave me

He’s not even sure if what he says is real

‘Cause he’s just addicted to the way that it feels

Says he won’t let go ’cause he’d never make it on his own

Yet he and I both know he’d do just fine alone,

He knows all the best ways to take me apart

Makes a fool out of my logic by pulling on my heart,

Gets me convinced he’s always watching from behind,

Leaves me with words I keep running through my mind

And he likes to keep nothing the way that it were

But there is one thing  that I know for sure

He’s addicted to those gray skies

And I’m addicted to the fire in his eyes,

He loves breathing in the air before a storm,

He’ll sleep in the middle of a blizzard to keep warm

He’s addicted to the vibration of the drums sounding,

And loves anything that will get his heart pounding,

He’s addicted to the light of the full moon late at night

And he’s addicted to the thrill of winning fights

He chases highs just to be reckless

And we wake entwined in the perfect mess

And I know he’ll get me every time

Because I know he’s never really mine

Chasing him’s just gonna wind me up dead

Because he’s always a thousand steps ahead

And each time around leads to more regrets

But I’m not ready to give up yet

Let me share a secret with you:

He’s addicted to the feeling- but I am too






I thought that I knew emotions

Thought I was familiar with those storming oceans

It all linked back logic- just a desperate way of thought

Feelings were just a net and everyone was caught

Now I know that I’d had no clue

Because that was before I met you

I never felt stunned before you first talked to me

Got all the air knocked out till I couldn’t breathe

Never felt my heart beat so fast

Never wanted a feeling so badly to last

I wish now I’d known what I’d been missed out on

I’d had no idea that inside you could be so strong

Had no idea that something this could be real

That there’s a million levels to the way someone can feel

I never felt heat until I looked into your eyes

Never felt what it was like to breathe so hard you almost die

Never felt flames until you looked at me

And now I want to be all you see

I’d had no idea what it was like to get

Addicted to a feeling and still haven’t quit on it yet

I didn’t know what could go on in a human heart

Feelings like your glowing or being broken apart

I never felt cold until the first time I felt your kiss

Never felt so intense a shiver until I’ve been through this

Never felt ice until your first touch

And now I swear I can’t get cold enough










Competition Time! (Dec)

​​​​Hey guys,

Jayden Brags here! Wolfie and I are hosting a competition called the blogger writes.

Find out why it’s called that here:

Also go there to find all the rules and how to submit your entry.

This month’s competition.

Category: love


Must be set in one of these locations

  1. A US farm in the middle of no where
  2. The white house
  3. Buckingham Palace
  4. Corn Field
  5. A cruise ship
  6. In a family home at Christmas
  7. North pole 


The poem MUST  be called one of these

  1. Love at Christmas 
  2. Love, Leave, Loss
  3. Keep calm and love on
  4. Love is all around me
  5. Family first, love second
  6. Love me
  7. I love you


The song MUST have all these words within your entry!

  1. Love
  2. Laugh
  3. Happy
  4. Live
  5. Kiss
  6. Me
  7. You

I hope you all enjoy this month’s competition I am so excited to read all your entries. Enter via the website and make sure you have read all the rules. We don’t want your entries disquallified!

Closes 25th



Baby you the best of the best ’cause you work me out

I build my walls up just for you to tear down

You make me go extra miles till I’m hard as rock

Push it till I explode in an aftershock

Part of me loves you, part of me hates you

And you drive me crazy with what you do,

You don’t even realize this is how I feel

You could never tell a lie apart from what’s real

Baby you slash me to pieces till all I can do is bleed

Crazy high from love, you’re all I’ll ever need

You’re love reminds me of a steel hunting trap

Once I fall for you I can never go back

And you’re like the hunter who catches me

Loving you’s like being killed with electricity

And I sort of hate it, and I sort of love it

But either way it’s too late cause the dynamites been lit

And you don’t even realize

How around you part of me dies

And you drive me round and round inside of my head

Like gunshots firing – I swear you’re gonna drop me dead

Drive me till I’ve got strength like stone

Make me see other people when I’m all alone

Make me wanna laugh, make me wanna scream

Make me spin around in circles of insane dreams

Baby I’ve got almost all the signs of insanity

Why can’t you just release your hold on me?

I wish I could settle for one of the rest

But you give me this funny feeling inside my chest

Whenever you’re near me

How can that be?

If they ask me to describe it I don’t know if I could

Or maybe I just don’t know if I would

Cause all the stars are shifting out of alignment up above

Baby this must be what they call crazy love




tips-to-become-an-open-minded-personFriday night, blowout party, everybody knows my name

And I’ve never met him before, but I’m glad he came

Love at first sight- when he talks to me I feel my heart banging in my chest

I give him my name and my number, and then I let him do the rest

And this is just what I need after a long hard week

This is so like a movie, I can hear the music when he speaks

“I can never sit still, I hate TV and I’m always late

But I’ve got a free night tomorrow, can we call it a date?”

And life is tough, but we’ve got all night

To dance our hearts out and make it all alright

And live like you’re dying tomorrow, blast your favorite song

Toss away all your worries and sing along

And as I watch him move I hope tonight never ends

All the other girls are on him, and for now we’re just friends

And I don’t know if he’ll ever remember my number or if he’ll call

But just a simple friendship’s so much better than nothing at all

And I have no idea where this friendship’s going to go

But I’m open minded to anything- just so you know

And I love the way his eyes light up when he laughs

I’d bet everything that after one taste I would never go back

And I only want to get out, and I just want to breathe

And the way he looks at me makes it all pretty clear to me

And sometimes life hurts, but it’ll be okay

‘Cause we got all of tonight to wash off yesterday

And who knows what kind of problems tomorrow’s gonna bring?

But just stay open minded and you can do anything






Competition Time!

Hey guys,

Wait your not my usual audience! This is because I am teaming up with your blogger for you to be able to get involved in a competition!

How rude of me! Let me introduce myself! Hello my name is Jayden Brags me and Wolfie are hosting a competition called the blogger writes.

Find out why it’s called that here:

Also go there to find all the rules and how to submit your entry.

This month’s competition.

Category: blog


Use one of these titles.

  1. Blogger and me
  2. Happy to blog with you
  3. The kidnapping blogger
  4. Poet and you know it!
  5. The blogger romance


The poem MUST  contain these words:

  1. Blog
  2. Writing
  3. Happy
  4. Blogger
  5. You


The song MUST start with one of these lines:

  1. Blog with me, oh, blog with me
  2. I am happy to keep on blogging

I hope you all enjoy this month’s competition I am so excited to read all your entries. Enter via the website and make sure you have read all the rules. We don’t want your entries disquallified!

Closes 25th


People spread all kind of lies about us

But we don’t care because

We don’t care what kind of lies they’ve told

Because you and me, we’re always gold

Midnight drives with all the windows down

City lights burning all around

We live this life only once, and it’s already begun

So let’s do it all now while we’re still young

Go straight into this without knowing

Turn our music up, Don’t stop and think- just going, going, going

Crash this place and watch it burn- this is so where we belong

Hearts beating, emotions bleeding- They’re playing our song

And these tricks will never grow old

Because you and me, we’re always gold

Scarlet skies and stormy seas

Let’s live up what will be teenage memories

Laughing at all the people we’ve tricked

Whispering at midnight in the hotel shower because our roommates are ticked

And we’ll always fall apart then back together

We were meant to do this forever

So let’s party all out all summer all night

All of the time- it only feels right

Climb every wall, Jump every fence

Do everything because it doesn’t make sense

We’ll never care what they say

Doing things against the crowd because that’s just our way

Sliding on banisters and driving too fast

Staying up way to late and expecting to last

Causing trouble in the bus’s backseat

Spray painting our names across the sidewalk’s concrete

These memories are something I’ll always hold

‘Cause you and me, we’re always gold