I caught myself staring up at the stars again

Hoping that they had the answers for me

Listening to love songs that I don’t believe in

And I watching reruns of old romance stories


I thought we could span us out to forever

I tried to understand him, thought I had a hope

But instead of putting us together

I ended up breaking us both


He tried to make me understand

Release me from the chain’s weight

He held summer’s light in his hands

Tried to teach me the laws of science and faith


He told me there was more to the universe

Than what meets the eye

Love’s a power against hate’s curse

There’s more to life than just “live and die”


I tried to open up my mind

To understand just how he thought

But I didn’t see it even after centuries of time

And his love was the cost


I know I shouldn’t have spoken out against his beliefs

And now I’m stuck not knowing what to do

What used to be light is now dimmed with grief

And it doesn’t make sense without you


So then I fell into an unending night

Blood flowing straight out of opened scars

Trying my best to set things right

But all I did was fall too far


Entire weeks spent awake

Struggling to understand his point of view

Pushing to the point where I know I’ll break

Because I think was beginning to understand love around you




No matter how hard I try

We’re drifting further and further and I don’t know why

Now there’s practically a sea

Separating you from me

Maybe it’s time to finally accept it all

Before it causes us both to fall

We’ve made all the same mistakes

And now’s the time for the heartbreak

Who’s going to be the first one to spark the fight?

Who’s going to be the the first to drift off to sleep tonight?

Who’s going to be the first one to say it all first?

Who’s going to be hurt the worst?

We could place a thousand dollar bets

To find out who will be the first to regret

And I could guess who it will be

But I won’t know for certain- you or me?

Who’s going to die the most inside?

Who’s going to be the first to admit how many times they lied?

Who’s going to be the first one to prove they’ve moved on?

Who’s going to be the first one to leave the night for dawn?

Who’s going to be the first person to say goodbye?

Who’s going to be the first one to break down and cry?

Which one of us is going to be the first to walk away?

Who’s going to be the first to say what we know we need to say?

I can’t be certain because

There’s a fifty percent on both of us

Who’s going to hate themselves the most?

It’s hard to say because the result’s pretty close

Who’s going to live with the memories until they die?

Who’s going to try and apologize?

Who’s going to call up a phone

To have the other of us pretend that they’re not home?

Who’s going to try and get away

Because they’re dying again everyday?

Tell me who’s going to

Will it be me or will it be you?