I just sang a song about love that I don’t believe in

When we broke apart we never broke even

And I watch you with her and I watch you in pain

But you won’t admit for the world that you feel the same

But I’ll swallow my pride and I’ll take the blow

Because I think deep down both of us know

She’s not gonna tear you apart whenever you fight

And I promise now she’ll never break you right

And what am I supposed to do?

What I always needed was always you

What do you want me to say

When I dream of you every day?

And how can you not want things back the way they were

‘Cause I can see you’re faking a smile with her

And you say I’m crossing a line

But I see you watching me when it should be her time

And you now say anything you wanted

But the look in your eyes says you’ll always be haunted

And she’s never met a boy like you

Bet she can’t break you the way I do

She can’t make you smile for real

She can’t guess the way you feel

She doesn’t know your favorite songs

And you don’t both laugh and sing along

She doesn’t know your hopes and dreams

How you’re so much more than what you may seem

She can’t make you fall in love

Can’t leave you looking for shooting stars above

And I bet if worst came to worst

If she left you it wouldn’t even hurt

And I once upon a time you knew

That I was the perfect girl for you

And if you have a broken feeling in your chest

That burst inside when I left

Then that means that you’re not free

It means you’re still in love with me

And trust me it’s the little things that give it away

The way that I can see you’re hurting but you tell her you’re okay

So don’t say goodnight

‘Cause she’s not gonna break you right 




liquid-silver-melts-the-surface-1024x768Everyone has wishes

Most desire riches

And trust me, I

Can see the look in your eye

When you say you want something more

But you’re not sure what you’re looking for

You’re still looking at what the world has to bring

Well I think I can be that one thing

And no, I’m not diamond, I’m not a glittering girl

And no, I’m not platinum, can’t buy the whole world

I’m not one of the most sought after like gold

But I promise I’m more than what you’ve been told

I’m the color that gleams off a dark river

I’m the cold of a winter that leaves you with a shiver

I’m the softest of lights that illuminates a room

I’m the mystery that emits from the glowing full moon

I’m not fake or a liar or a show off or rough

And I’m not the most beautiful but I hope I’m enough

Because silver can love you even if you break

And I’m not a cheap knock off or sparkling fake

And silver can guide you through a world full of fake tracks

One taste and I swear you’ll never look back

And you can put your hands on my heart and you’ll feel

Something strong and powerful and completely real

And silver isn’t much in this world full of wealth

But if you can see past the price tag into myself

Then maybe you’ll discover something worth your time

Maybe you’ll take me and become mine

And in this world full of treasure silver’s easy to miss

But just look in my eyes and hear me out on this

Ruby may be prettier than me

And sapphire is worth more than I’ll ever be

But love has higher worth than any of these do

And I think this silver heart is perfect for you





Adding up my one million mistakes

How many until it causes you to break?

And the amount of time that’s passed has been so long

Looking back at everything that I’ve ever done wrong

It’s an endless list

How have I done all this?

Can’t even see who I am for all my flaws

Just look at all the chain reactions I’ve caused

Forever and ever playing the same old game

I’m always the one to blame,

But I’m never brave enough to stay

And all I can do is run away

All of those chances that I miss

I don’t know how much longer I can live with this,

And every time I’m brave enough to try and make amends

I just go and mess it all up again,

I just don’t know what to do

After what I did to you

And I don’t know what to say

And I live in regret each day

Always chasing broken dreams into the dying sun

Every time I give up and run

I’m not brave enough to put out the fire I lit

And I hate myself because of it

I need to face these flames

Because I know that I’m the one to blame

Maybe like they say, I do deserve to die,

Because every time I make another perfect lie,

I don’t expect you to understand

Because I’m not brave enough to face who I am

And I don’t know how many times I’ve backed out and lied

But this time I’m gonna try

Stay right here, take a deep breath,

Look right into the face of death,

And what I’ve done is unforgivable

 But I have to find a way to make this all livable,

They think that I don’t care

But I really do, I’m just scared,

This time I’m gonna find what it takes

To pull it together and fix my mistakes

And though there’s threats all around

I’ve gotta find a way to live it down

I know that these mistakes were mine

And I’m going to stand my ground this time

This time I’m ready to face what I’ve done

This time I swear I’m not going to run.



I’m used to everyone looking over my head,

Choosing the smartest, the strongest instead,

Always a step behind- Just out of range

And they tell me it’s something I’ll never change,

Always last pick- I guess they’re right,

But I have this dream that I hold onto tight,

A wish that if I close my eyes and try,

I could go soaring- I could fly,

I’ll get there one day and they’ll all see,

Why they shouldn’t have looked down on me,

They’ll wonder how they could’ve looked at me with doubt,

Power and strength is what I think about,

One day I’ll be stronger than the rest,

Because I’ll rise to the top- the very best

Head up high, refusing to bend

That will be me one day- And they’ll call me a legend.

Right now they tell me that I’ll never be enough,

That I should wait till I finally grow up,

But I know I’ve got more fire than them in my heart,

That I was the bravest from the start,

That I’ll burn with the wildest flame,

That the world will ring with my name,

One day they’ll all take it all back,

One day I’ll run them off the track

Raising the battle cry again and again,

One day they’ll see- and they’ll call me a legend,

And they can say whatever they want about me

It’s not like it will change what they see

And this is my dream- my greatest ambition

This is the song that I’ll sing, my lifetime mission

And I will never go down without a fight

I’ll do anything to prove they’re not right

Because I can do it if I believe I can

And that’s just something they can’t understand

Unbreakable and without an end

I promise you now that one day my name will be Legend.



I told you before that I’d break both our hearts,

But you couldn’t tell right and wrong apart,

I hope you can now that you’re still trying to get your heart to mend,

After our love’s twisted end,

After the last of our love turned to ghosts,

After I told you you mattered the most,

After we ran away that moonlit night,

Into a place that had never seen light,

Where shadows were alive and we got caught up in lies,

Hours away from when secrets caused our hearts to die,

I knew we would both end up with inside of us dead,

But it wasn’t the first time, So I just smiled and said:

Didn’t you know that this is a danger zone,

No one in their right mind would come here alone,

But we did what no one else would,

For no other reason than because we could,

We could be killed, we could be hurt,

So what were we thinking? The thing was we weren’t,

What? I’m safe? Don’t you know that’s not true,

What? No warning- maybe I should’ve told you,

I think you could tell even before that first kiss,

It was your own mistake to get dragged into this,

But no, you’re saying you couldn’t see,

And now you’re trying to blame me,

Saying I got myself stuck in your head,

And now it’s my fault that they’ll find us dead,

You’re telling me it’s my fault it all turned out so bad,

That we’re trapped in a place where everyone goes mad,

Well we’re here now, there’s nothing else we can do,

So I just stand back and laugh at you,

The moon lighting up the perfect night’s sky,

Standing here, laughing, about to die…



One promise,

One vow,

A set of eyes watching from the night,

All led up to this,

And right now,

This love’s been shifted to black light,

Burning stars

Across the sky

You and me meet up in a supernova,

Crossed scars

Don’t ask why

I never told you,

There’s a thousand maybes,

Not enough “yes’s” or “No’s”

We’re a bang that will lead to cosmic background radiation,

There’s so many possibilities

You never know

Just use your imagination,

This love is a song

It’s a whole planet

It’s so far beyond the human race ,

Together’s where we belong

Too perfect to have planned it

Something like a shooting star straight from outer space,

This love isn’t sweet

It’s too perfectly dark to be defined

This love is like the impact of a thousand mile fall,

What were the chances we’d meet

Two beings aligned

When I followed your call,

This love is an orbit

Around icy rings

Of a whole realm beyond human touch,

A perfect fit

The crazy thing

Is that it’s not enough but it’s way too much,

Until the end of time

Will be us

Just you and me

You’ll always be mine


Together we’re something from another galaxy,

This love is cosmic,

Like a solar flare

And it’s beyond anything this world is seen,

This love is toxic

This is a nightmare

And the sweetest dream,

This love is a whisper in the night’s perfect dark,

This love is a lie

But we’re both telling the truth

This love is a flame burst out from a glowing spark,

And we don’t even have to try

Together we’re fireproof

This love is insane

It’s  beyond human minds

This love is the darkest curse

It’s the night calling your name

This love is one of a kind

And this love is out of this universe



People mess up and say the wrong things

People try and apologize

They don’t know what kind of pain they can bring

Weaving nets of lies

But  this is my hope for me and you

That even though you walked away

You’ll think things through

And one day…

One day maybe you’ll wake up and you’ll realize

I really am sorry

It wasn’t an act when I cried

And you’ll come back to me

And you I know I’m waiting right here

I’m not moving on

You forgetting all about me is my greatest fear

And I loved you all along

And I’ll wait till I die

If that’s what it takes

This isn’t a lie

Just let me fix my mistakes

And every day I’ll be here at the corner of the street

Because I know you’ll know

This was the place we last promised to meet

And it’s the first place you’ll go

If you’re looking for me

Because one day I hope with everything I have

That you’ll finally see

You’ve still got my heart’s other half

And one day I hope that you’ll miss me too

And you won’t move on yet

Because you know I’m still missing you

And you’re my biggest regret

It should’ve worked fine

You’re my whole world- my whole galexy

And deep down you’re still mine

You’re the universe to me

And I’m not giving up, I’m standing my ground

You’re my light and my love

Even when they gather around

Laughing because

They say you’re not coming back

I should just forget

Get my life back on track

But I’ll tell you a secret

They can throw all their bombs and blows

But I don’t care what they say, they just don’t see

Because they don’t know

I know you’re coming back for me…

One day




It’s crazy if you look out the window

You’ll see a lot

Of places to go

But the world’s even bigger than the view you’ve got

And you can go a million places

Travel different galaxies

Live out of your suitcases

Find a million wonders that you’ll always leave

And all around there’s so much out there

And so much in the world to see

But don’t forget about right here

Where I’ll always be

And you know I’ll be waiting

Don’t forget to check the messages on your phone

I’m ready for celebrating

The day you finally come home

And there’s a lot of people- so many different faces

And everything from L.A. to Italy

But I can still fill your spaces

And you still belong with me

Get lost in ancient temples from so long ago

Or drown in the city lights

Try to sleep even if you know

They’ll burn all night

Just a couple million more places to hit

And you’ll be the first

To go to every place there is

In this universe

And you could live the night life and then sleep all day

Stay in a billion different hotels and fly countless planes

And all that time just speeds away

You go so many places but you never stay

Because there’s just one place that is calling your name

And maybe soon you’ll come back

And I know one day you’ll come back to the place from where you came

Get your heart back on the right track

And there’s so many different countries, so many different nations

And there’s so much to see in such little time

Gotta make an X on every location

Just remember where you left your heart with mine

And no matter where you are

I know you’ll return like you promised

I love you past all those distant stars

And please always remember this

No matter where you go or where you leave from

You’ll never be alone

I’m right here when you finally come




It’s funny how people say words can’t break a heart

They’re just things you hear- can’t even leave a mark

And how people don’t think twice about what they say

And yet it can haunt someone every single day

And it’s funny how the way a best friend can act

Can feel like a stab right in the back

And you say what you said isn’t cruel, that it’s just true

Well, tonight, the joke’s on you

When the night is darkest and the moon is full

I’m gonna come tracking you down like an animal

And you can try and run away from me

But you’ll never again be free

And I’m going to take you to the ground

Fire meets fire and you’re the one going down

And I’ve waited a long time for this

To pay back all your blows and hits

And tell me you were wrong

When you said I couldn’t be strong

And tell me you regret this and tell me why

And if you’re still not sorry then tell me a lie

And you know that tonight you could die

Because it’s way too late to apologize

And even though I love hearing you plead for mercy

It’s way too late to say sorry

And before morning you could be long gone

Because right now the hunt is on

The path is shadowed but the moon is bright

And there’ll be one less person in the world tonight

One call, one scream, one slash of this knife

And in five seconds I could end your life

That’s the way it could be

But listen to me

True strength isn’t the ability to kill

True strength is the power you have over your own will

And true strength is the power to forgive

And that’s why tonight your going to live

True strength is the power to make things right

But I swear that you’ll never forget tonight



It was rough growing up where I was a kid

Surviving on your own out on the streets

And no one ever discovered some of the things that I did

People backstabbing everyone they’d meet

It was all about self where I grew up- only the strong survive

Just another law of the land

And people couldn’t care less if you fought and you died

It just wasn’t something we couldn’t  understand

Well I ran away from that little town

Sick of being on my own

And they never bothered to hunt me down

So I set out alone

It was a dark and lonely time

Full of tricks and lies in the night

But I held onto a wish that was mine

To finally find a life that felt right

And I would have dreams of monsters who come chasing me

And when I at long last found a place to stay

And the people were kind and they loved freely

And they didn’t judge me for running away

And when they asked I admitted that honestly I’d never loved

And believe people can’t turn around and fix their mistakes

And don’t believe in wishes on stars above

And I believe people only want to cause heartbreak

But the more they spoke to me the more I listened to what they said

And the more I realized that I can change the world we live in

And the thoughts all came rushing in through my head

That I don’t have to feel unforgiven

And they said that people can change inside

That deep down people all have a rushing sea

And emotions are like ever- changing tides

And forgiveness sets the waters free

And over time there  I realized that maybe the world is dark

And maybe people will hurt you

And maybe all their lashes and stings will leave their marks

But in the end it just matters how you react and what you do

You’ll never feel love if you always lash out with hate

And you’ll never see the sun if your always looking for clouds

You’ll never let go until it’s too late

And you’ll never feel the thrill if you always look for doubt

If you never step out of darkness you’ll never see light

And if you never accept your weaknesses you’ll never be strong

If you never accept when you’re wrong you’ll never be right

And if you never stop looking back you’ll never move on