Kiss her deeply, look in her eyes

And break something in me hidden inside

But baby, it all seems alright with you

And I bet she loves you better than I do

Gotta walk on your tightrope

Blown around by high hopes

Trying to get over you

But love, its nothing new

And I’ve gotta balance

Clear your closed- in fence

Hit the tracks

Run and never look back

And the night is so cold

Even though I’ve already been told

And I’ve gotta will myself to be strong

Even before we’d begin you’d moved on

I tried so hard to get that smile on your face

Just to be replaced

But baby, it seems alright with you

And I think she loves you better than I do

I know you’re listening now to hear what I say

I can feel your eyes on me even when I walk away

And I can feel your touch even when no one else is near

And I can hear your silence- deafeningly clear

And I miss your laugh and the sound of your voice

But I need to respect that you’ve made your choice

So I wrote you this song and told you this story

Please just keep it a secret for me

And you love her more- and she’s the one who makes you happy

And baby, that’s all alright with me




Once I was one of those people who cared how I dressed,

Perfume and sparkles- call me obsessed,

Shiny cars with the music turned up too loud

I was right at the heart of the in- crowd,

Never walked out of the house without my make up double checked

I was pretty to the point of perfect,

Lipstick and eye shadow and glamorous rings

Took me awhile to realize they don’t mean a thing,

I’m tired of always having to change up my hair,

Going out with boys who don’t even care

I’m sick and tired of taking the heat

Putting this song on repeat

This time I don’t want another dumb love song,

This time I’m moving on

Long walks on the beach with a sweet good- night kiss

Lost in romance, I’d never realized what I’d missed,

That if you weren’t so focused  on being in love

There’s so much of

The world that’s there to enjoy

If you’re not so concentrated on flirting with boys

There’s oceans and forests and the thrill of the run

There’s laughter and late- nights and just having fun,

I’m not going to let a new trend get in the way

Of me saying what I have to say

I’m not going to pretend I’m dumb because they think it’s pretty

I’m going to cover up what I should and let them see what they should see

I’m going to stop lying

Stop breaking up and then crying

I’m going to finally admit where I belong

I’m moving on


There’s so many sights to see

So many places to be

So many gifts to give

And so much life to live,

So now I’m not making another mistake

Making another stranger’s heartbreak,

Now I’m going to break through and act strong,

Now I’m finally