I caught myself staring up at the stars again

Hoping that they had the answers for me

Listening to love songs that I don’t believe in

And I watching reruns of old romance stories


I thought we could span us out to forever

I tried to understand him, thought I had a hope

But instead of putting us together

I ended up breaking us both


He tried to make me understand

Release me from the chain’s weight

He held summer’s light in his hands

Tried to teach me the laws of science and faith


He told me there was more to the universe

Than what meets the eye

Love’s a power against hate’s curse

There’s more to life than just “live and die”


I tried to open up my mind

To understand just how he thought

But I didn’t see it even after centuries of time

And his love was the cost


I know I shouldn’t have spoken out against his beliefs

And now I’m stuck not knowing what to do

What used to be light is now dimmed with grief

And it doesn’t make sense without you


So then I fell into an unending night

Blood flowing straight out of opened scars

Trying my best to set things right

But all I did was fall too far


Entire weeks spent awake

Struggling to understand his point of view

Pushing to the point where I know I’ll break

Because I think was beginning to understand love around you




You tell me there’s no way I know how you feel

That it’s agony so intense it’s sharply real

You think I don’t understand

But you have no idea how well I can

I know how your’e just balancing on the brink

And I know this is what you think:

There’s no beauty in pain

Only you with the blame

There’s never second chances

Only fake glances

There’s nothing stunning in tears

Nothing pure about fear

As the world tears down your innocence

Takes an open heart and builds a fence

And there’s no way a broken heart

Is in some way of piece of art

Because Jack left Diane and James Dean died young

And you wonder where on earth all this hurt came from

Even  Spider-Man couldn’t save Gwen

And you know it’s not so easy to pretend

And every day you feel something breaking in your chest

As you fall further into this mess

And every day you die inside

Cry at night till no more tears are left in your eyes

Sometimes you see things they say aren’t there

Either you’re crazy or they don’t care

You talk with voices inside your head

They said that you’re insane and already half-dead

And you know that’s not true, but not matter how hard you try

You can’t get them to see things through your eyes

There’s no point in life as far as you can see

Well child, listen to me

It’s a broken world, it’s a place of pain

And that will never, ever change

But beyond the night there’s still stars

And there’s still a heart beating under those scars

And I know that everyone’s a wolf heading for your heart

Set and ready to pounce and tear you apart

And I know the world is watching you

They can’t wait to see just what you’ll do

And there’s more wolves than you can count

Gatherin together to see the fallout

But you don’t have to hide behind your walls

I trust that you’re not going to fall

There’s a lot of brokenness out there waiting

But I promise it’s an unfinished painting



flower_between_thorns_by_ashleigh1993Whenever people see her

They do a double take

Turn away and shiver

Reminding her of what it was like to break

And they only see her appearance

Focused on reflections

Ignore her kindness and perseverance

Decide that looks make for perfection

And if only they’d been there

When that accident occured

Blood everywhere

Not sure if she’d ever move forward

Watching the stars

With a prayer to stay alive 

They don’t know those scars

Prove she won the fight to survive

And they could never understand 

What it was like to almost die

When her loved ones held her hand

Tears streaming from their eyes

And all they can see

Is a twisted ruined mess

And she’s more beautiful than they’ll ever be 

But they couldn’t care less

And they call her horrific names

But what they say all just lies

And they could never see the flames

Burning in her eyes

And she’s proof miracles exist 

And I hope she knows that’s the truth 

And she can take their blows and hits

‘Cause now she’s bulletproof 

And they could never see past 

What they think of her face

But some things like beauty never last 

And they’ll never earn your place

And they can say whatever 

But she’s stronger than before

And she will back down- never 

Because words don’t hurt anymore

Now she’s so fearless, so strong

Making all their taunts so inconvincible

She tunes them out to her own song

She’s invincible 




You keep saying you’re scared of being alone,

 That around you the world is fading to gray

You keep saying that you’re tired and missing home

That you just wanna find a place to stay,

That everyone seems to carry a gun and a knife

That it’s too dark to find your way

And you keep asking me the meaning of life

And this is what I say:

“Thing’s will never be simple inside someone’s heart

You can’t just record how something is felt

Find what it is that binds you from falling apart

And then answer the question for yourself.”

You tell me that you’re afraid of the dark

And your life is all just one big lie

That you knew it was all hopeless from the start

That no one can hear your broken cry,

You say that life is just a cruel game

That you’ve reached the end of your rope

That the ice of the world keeps putting out your flame

And you ask me the meaning of hope,

You ask me if it’s really true

If someone as lost as you can find their way

But I can’t hand all of life’s answers to you

So this is what I say:

“Human’s are so fragile

They’re so easy to break

Just put on a brave smile

And you’ll realize you’re not a mistake.”

You say you can’t go on anymore with you’re heart broken,

But I know you’re just hiding out of sight,

That all you’ve had to say has been spoken,

But I know that one day you’ll stand up and raise your fight,

Keep on chasing clouds wherever they blow

But one day you’ll step out and realize how far you’ve come

Try to discover things you still don’t know

But right now all you can do is run,

Trying to solve all of the universe’s strange mysteries

Searching desperately for stars up above

And you keep asking me

For the meaning of love,

I can’t give you the answers

For there’d be a huge price to pay

For knowing something far beyond words

So this is what  I say:

“You can’t hold onto an emotion

The clarity with which it runs through

It’s like the call of a storm, of the oceans

And how you define it is up to you

Love isn’t something that can be written down

Put in a book on some dusty shelf

So when you ask me this get up off the ground

And go find out the meaning of love for yourself.”



attractive-vinyl-5x6-5ft-backdrops-sun-font-b-earth-b-font-font-b-surface-b-fontI’ve flown a lot of planes and been a lot of places

Sailed a lot of ships and seen a lot of faces

France to China to New York City

Around the world is the place to be

Country sunrises and Paris nights

Hawaiian beaches and city lights

Whoever said “it’s a small world” was an idiot

Its a big, big world- and I can prove it

I’ve been around the whole wide world- from L.A. to Rome

Still looking for a  place I can call home

 I’ve wished on shooting stars out in night-time meadows

Chased down the clouds wherever they blow,

I’ve seen death and sickness and fights

I’ve seen celebrations of joy lasting out the whole night

I’ve seen people laugh and scream and cry

I’ve seen so many dreams and wishes die

I’ve seen happiness and heartbreak and despair

I’ve tried to lose all my troubles in fresh mountain air,

I’ve got friends from Tennessee to Tokyo

But none of the thousands of people I’ve met know

Why I never stay- doubt I could explain it though

That moment when I lost myself in pain

Tears were falling down like rain

I couldn’t take the blame

So I changed my phone number, changed my name

 I tried to forget everything I did back then

And tried to restart all over again

Now my friends in Russia say good night,

My Canadian friends make me promise to write

My friends from Britain ask me what’s up

And my friends in Tasmania wish me good luck

Maybe one day I’ll finally be done

Settle down and stop trying to run

But right now it’s only just begun

I’m still free and wild and young

Because right now I can’t be done yet,

There’s still adventures calling and I’ve got a one way ticket

So around the world is still my home

With a couple thousand friends to remind me I’m never alone



maxresdefaultWe were out together on a starry night,

See a trail of frosty light,

You say¨Make a wish on a shooting star,¨

I’ve never made a wish so far,

Because as I gaze across the ocean side,

I wonder how I could ever decide,


I wish I could change the way back then was,

I wish  I could keep away the past,

I wish that for once I could let a dream last,

Wish that I’d never said those words at all,

Wish I could catch myself when I fall,

I wish I could fly up and on above,

Leaving behind everyone who’d fooled me so I’d let my heart love.

You tell me “I can fix your broken heart,”

But sometimes I can’t tell present and future apart,

I know that “okay” can’t be real,

And I know how betrayal feels,

And when you ask me how many loves have given me scars

Well, counting them would be like counting the stars.

You keep telling me you’ll make it alright,

That together we can cross that stormy night,

But I can’t make another wrong turn,

I’ve been trying so long that maybe I’ve learned,

You tell me that I should learn how to trust,

But all of that’s been turned to dust,

But how would I know? It might be right,

At least that’s what you tell me under the starlight,

But I don’t know what you won’t let show,

So I guess if it’s what should be we’ll never know,

Because I’ve been to the furthest reaches of the night

I’ve been to corners that have never seen light

I know it’s easy for someone to tear someone else apart

It’s all too easy to break a heart

And all it takes is a couple words to spill

A sentence can break, a love can kill

A backstabbing knife can run a life right through

And I’m so sorry I can never completely trust you

Because if you ask me how many heartbreaking mistakes I’ve made so far

Well, counting them would be like counting the stars



personalities-clocksFeels like the whole world is always moving too fast

Reality flashes by and nothing lasts

Tick tock

Goes the clock

Time is like a train running across tracks

No matter how hard we try we can’t turn it back

But do you know what I would do

To freeze this moment here with you?

Up here in the clear air where we can breathe

Where you’re all I’ll ever need

And your eyes keep telling me

What I’d been too blind to see

And everything is out in the clear flying up above

And I can finally understand why some have died for love

And the only thing keeping your heart from mine

Is time

Because time creates the spaces in between us


We belong to different ages, different centuries

We belong to different eras, but they may as well be galaxies

And when we’re together

We span across forever

But all I can hear is the tick tock


When the ages collide

Your heart meets mine inside

Two forces, two powers beyond human minds

And time

Is what tears us apart

What blocks off our hearts

You’re the Future, and I’m ancient history

But you still belong with me

I am firelight, love before it was twisted, blood spilled after ancient fights

You’re clever and street smart and bright city lights

You’re the future and I’m the past

Existing as long as time will last

Until one day the Earth will end

Chaos begins over again

One day it will be over, one day we’ll be free

And once again you’ll be side by side with me

But for now whenever I chase you

I come so close, I think I’ll pull through

And then those few seconds come between us like a knife

And I watch others go through their life

They’re so short, such a small amount

But at least they have love to make it count

So I’ll wait for you until the end of the line

Until the end of this thing called “time”

Until we’re released from this web where we’re caught

And I’ll listen for it to stop

The tick tock




Once there was a little girl

Dreaming innocent dreams of the world

She believed in peace, in harmony, in life

And she was such an easy target for someone’s scarring knife

And she would take off from the ground

Head in the clouds

Always looking  on the bright side

Encouraging the very last racer, comforting those who cried

And when she got older she saw how the world was broken

Saw the lashes, heard the cruel words spoken

Saw how people stood up for themselves, the hypocrisy in it all

And she couldn’t believe how far humans could fall

So she stood up, let them know what she thought

Entered the arena and gave it her all as she fought

But the world didn’t agree with her so they pushed her away

Didn’t think that what she thought was right, so they made her pay

When she stood for what she thought was right the world looked and said

“You’re better off a quitter, you’d be better off dead”

They told her that they didn’t want to respect each others beliefs

And she collapsed in on herself in pain and in grief

But it wasn’t because they’d hurt her, no

It was because of their hate for each other, so

She took a deep breath, gave up the fight

But refused to believe that the world was right

Still believed in everyone there was something beautiful inside

Believed that only love could cause hate to die

She continued to hold onto those thoughts tight

Because no matter what the world said, she believed they were right

Believed that we could set each other free

From all of the chains we cause, so now tell me

Am I better off a quitter? Am I better off dead?

Am I better off silent? Because that’s what they said

Am I better off believing that it’s never worth the cost?

Am I better off believing that all of hope is lost?

Because it turns out the world is broken and falling apart

Turns out it’s so easy to break a heart

But I still believe that beyond the cold

There still can be love, there’s still a trace of gold

God still loves you, and I still believe you can pull through

After all, the whole world’s counting on you




So many different places

A thousand million faces

None of which I’ll ever remember

And each time it’s always different than all the past times were

And  there’s been so many crazy things I’ve done

Just to get the cameras showing off that I’m the one

And everywhere

I go people stare

Because I’m that girl that wherever I go

Everyone knows

I’m on the cover of every magazine

I’m on top of the world living life in a dream

And yet

Here’s my secret

I hate it when the crowds all scream my name

I hate living under the weight of fame

I hate how my every secret comes out

How it’s not me that my life is about

I hate how I have to do whatever people want me to

Make all the moves that they want me to do

And sometimes I step back and wish

That I could escape from all this

That I could be just an everyday kid

And do all the things my friends tell me they did

That I could go out with them to a movie

And all of those cameras wouldn’t point at me

And I know people think they’d love to be a celebrity

But there’s no more lonely place to be

I wish that I had as hard of a time getting boys as other girls do

And that I wasn’t someone they all think they can see right through

And I hate these rehearsals and these photo shoots

I hate the stupid feathered boas and the high- heeled boots

I hate all the makeup and how they make me look so old

And I hate all the lies that for the public I’ve told

And now I’m going to get out in front of them all and put on a smile

Laugh and live up the party while the whole while

I’ll be crying and dying with everything inside of me’s got

Because this isn’t what I want to be- not by a long shot

And I’ll never escape- my whole life will be on screen

While everything inside is something that will never be seen

And now I’m expected to step out under those lights

And spill out all of my deepest secrets tonight

But that’s just the way things are

When you live this life…





People mess up and say the wrong things

People try and apologize

They don’t know what kind of pain they can bring

Weaving nets of lies

But  this is my hope for me and you

That even though you walked away

You’ll think things through

And one day…

One day maybe you’ll wake up and you’ll realize

I really am sorry

It wasn’t an act when I cried

And you’ll come back to me

And you I know I’m waiting right here

I’m not moving on

You forgetting all about me is my greatest fear

And I loved you all along

And I’ll wait till I die

If that’s what it takes

This isn’t a lie

Just let me fix my mistakes

And every day I’ll be here at the corner of the street

Because I know you’ll know

This was the place we last promised to meet

And it’s the first place you’ll go

If you’re looking for me

Because one day I hope with everything I have

That you’ll finally see

You’ve still got my heart’s other half

And one day I hope that you’ll miss me too

And you won’t move on yet

Because you know I’m still missing you

And you’re my biggest regret

It should’ve worked fine

You’re my whole world- my whole galexy

And deep down you’re still mine

You’re the universe to me

And I’m not giving up, I’m standing my ground

You’re my light and my love

Even when they gather around

Laughing because

They say you’re not coming back

I should just forget

Get my life back on track

But I’ll tell you a secret

They can throw all their bombs and blows

But I don’t care what they say, they just don’t see

Because they don’t know

I know you’re coming back for me…

One day