He told me I was different when we first met

He trusted me with everything and told me every secret

But suspicions arose and darkened our minds

And I knew we were running out of time

His version doesn’t match mine on what’s right

And finally it happened – exploding the night

He cries

“I never wanted goodbye,

But all these falls, slams to the floor

I can’t take it anymore.”

So now he watches me through a stony silence

Both sides of communication lost through unmoving defiance

He won’t speak to me- not a single word

He claims he tried to say something but I just never heard

Sometimes it seems like we’re moving closer but he just breaks away

And I should’ve known something so good could never stay

Winter girls aren’t made for heat

Summer boys aren’t made to freeze

He told me that he loved me but I just abused the way he feels

He gave me everything and I would just lie and steal

Summer and winter, heat and cold

Golden wishes and silver dreams that were never told

Light and dark and ice and fire

And two hearts run off tracks by reckless desire

And now there’s an endless ocean between him and I

And what was left of love has withered and died

And now his eyes are on me

Begging to set him free

So I turn away from his flames and walk back to the snow

Breathe  in the thin air and finally let him go






Welcome to my life, where I’m always spinning

Circles, no one’s ever winning

Always trying for a new start

Every time I break a heart

Sometime’s it hurts

Sometime’s it burns

But that’s how you learn

There’s one million times I’ve forced myself not to cry

There’s a million times I’ve goodbye

There’s been a million times that I’ve confessed

That I was the cause of this mess

There’s been a million night’s I’ve wished on shooting stars

There’s been a million battle scars

There’s a million shots for a million rounds

A million times I’ve let someone down

But it was a million dollars for a million risks

And we all knew it’d lead to this

How can I ever explain 

Why I’ve caused all this pain

Causing so much hope to die

With another not-so- perfect lie

Don’t listen to what you’re told

When they say that I’m ice- cold

Nights shot through with scarlet skies

And I’ll tell you a secret- when I’m alone I cry

Sometime’s I wish back what was mine

But I complete the circle each time

There’s a million ways to hide what you feel

There’s a million ways to pretend it’s not real

There’s been a million times that it’s more than what it seems

There’s a million nightmares with every dream

And there’s a million ties 

with each million lies

And you can count each bullet wound

There’s a million shots for a million rounds

A million times I’ve let someone down

But it was a million dollars for a million risks

And we all knew it’d lead to this

There’s been a million time’s I’ve made a wish for you

That you’d be the one to pull on through




Don’t you love just pretending,

Going on and on with no ending,

Breaking off and then falling back together

Saying we can go on forever

But we just shouldn’t be together,

Just keep on faking

But there’s no hurt- no heartbreaking,

Because this love isn’t really real

We just pretend we feel,

Fighting, leaving, pretending to cry,

Saying the same old apologies then the same old lies,

Then we say we’re free but we’re ignoring the chains,

Because we’re always going to be the same,

I don’t know why we even bother to try,

Because in the end we always just end up saying goodbye,

Don’t you just love forever spinning,

Keep on playing but no one’s winning,

Dream’s where we call each others name

Forever it’s the same old game,

We’re just lost in an ocean,

Only going through the motions,

Maybe one day we’ll care

But right now we’re getting nowhere,

Deep gray, neither darkness or fire,

We’re both so tired,

But we keep just saying our same old lines

Because maybe we’ll get it right this time,

It’s so easy but it shouldn’t be,

When you say to me

“Going on forever and ever

And yet it never

Seems to do anything,

But we can keep on going because we never know what the next round will bring,

We’re one circle closer to better understanding,

So maybe we can stay on our feet this landing,

We’re one circle wiser than we were then,

And I know that you’re tired,

But let’s try it again,”

So we can keep on turning,

Because every time we’re learning,

How to do this right,

And maybe one day we can find light,

Maybe this will stop being just a game,

Maybe we can blast apart these chains,

Maybe this time we don’t need to lie,

Maybe this time we don’t have to say goodbye