He doesn’t like when I’m out all night

He doesn’t like when I play pretend

He doesn’t like it when I get into fights

Says it’s not the way to go with friends


She just wants to mess with me

She doesn’t even really give it any thought

I swear to god that girl is crazy

And I’m just waiting to get caught


He says he can trust me

He doesn’t know the half of what I’ve done

And I keep trying to cover it up so he won’t see

But the landslide’s already begun


I know there’s something she’s not saying

I can see it in her eyes

But it’s her game and she’s the best at playing

She’s a pro at weaving her secrets in with lies


He’s just like all the rest

With summer dancing in his hands

And though he pushes my secrets to the test

I know he wouldn’t understand


I can’t tell when she’s faking ’cause she keeps rocking the boat

Anything you’ll say “don’t” to she’ll do

Crash it, burn it, blow a kiss and leave a note

Just because you told her not to


They all say they can instantly trust me

They don’t know that I’m a backstabbing little fox

It takes them a whiles to finally see

And by then they’re already under my lock


She’s just in my friend zone

But I know she’s out to win

She’s the X of the equation that I can’t get alone

Clever little vixen

She carries all the secrets

And she balances the lines

She buries all her regrets

And she’ll get you every time

But I’m learning all her tricks

The girl under the masks is so tired within

I know her illusions aren’t really magic

And I know this time I’ll win







I grew up one door down from you

I was the only sister you ever knew

You were my brother is what we’d always pretend

Always forever the best of friends

We’d be at each others houses all the time

Play with each other at the fence line

You taught me math and how to play baseball

I showed you how to paint the colors of leaves in the fall

When we were five we would be out all day

The world was full of new games to play

We wanted to be superheroes when we were eight

Flying around in swirling capes

When we were twelve you skipped a grade

And I had a collage on my wall of the memories we made

When we were sixteen you were Prom King, Best Athlete, and a crazy math nerd

And I was Most Artistic and complimented for my way with words

And finally when we graduated high school, ready for college in fall

I sat on my bed and looked back at it all

The photos of us and our friends having marshmallow fights

When we’d laugh and tell stories late into the night

When thanks to your help I won the science fair

And when I got fake dye all over your hair

All of those memories, Christmas’s, Valentines,

That’s when I realized I was in love with you the whole time

And you’ve got another girl, all you’ll ever need

And this is probably the worst ever timing for me

You could never see what I see

Never notice how I bad I want you with me

And you keep saying I’m your best friend

But that’s not the way I want this to end

And I know you’ll never think this will work ever

But just once let’s stop saying never

Because I think I could make you happy

Because this whole thing was meant to be

So please just say yes and come with me

So we can add happily ever after to the end of our love story






We’re just two kids

In a run- down town

A perfect place for secrets to be hid

When people see us they turn around

We’re just a couple of troublemakers,

We’re just a couple of kids out too late

Even for a Friday night

Kiss or kill- that’s up to fate

Dancing under old yellow streetlights

Playing at being heart breakers,

We’re just a couple of kids who act like we don’t care

Me and you are on the polices’ files

We’ll kiss in a crowd like no one else is there

Hide all our pain behind something fierce and wild

Because we weren’t always this free,

I used to be a good girl until my father died

My mom would drink till she went insane

Stumbling, laughing now with nothing to hide

And she would forget both of our names

And finally it was one day too many for me,

You were the son of a hiding murderer

You were born a secret and lived a lie

Where your mother went, you were never sure

But you heard she only viewed love as a high

Always pulling dumb stunts,

You’ve got your dad’s good looks and your mom’s strong will

But you also had a fire neither of them have got

When your dad kept seeing the old enemy he killed

It wasn’t his old enemy that night who he shot

But you survived and headed for the hills- not looking back once,

When I ran away from the place I used to call home

Fifty bucks cash and a thirst to run

I was finally free but I was alone

I didn’t know things had just begun

Then I ran into this stranger,

You a year older- just seventeen,

A cocky smile but sad eyes

Like a beautiful broken dream

Like someone who’s heart had died

And now kept looking for adrenaline and danger,

And we began talking

Told each other our stories

Found each others tales sad but not shocking

And you said “run away with me”

And we joined our tracks,

And now here we are

Two kids who hang out in alleys in the rain

Holding hands and looking through the stars

For an answer to take away the pain

From those wounds made years back,

We’re just two kids who people call fools

But how could they judge when they don’t know?

They wonder why we’re always breaking rules

Why we got all the places we go

But we’ve got nothing to lose after ripping apart,

We’re just two kids sitting on top of a car

Searching the night for new starts

Still bleeding from old eternal scars

Trying to piece together each others hearts

Living life like a half-burned work of art,

We’re just two kids

In a run- down town

And no one would know some of things we did

Some of life’s secrets we found

Just two kids




It’s funny how people say words can’t break a heart

They’re just things you hear- can’t even leave a mark

And how people don’t think twice about what they say

And yet it can haunt someone every single day

And it’s funny how the way a best friend can act

Can feel like a stab right in the back

And you say what you said isn’t cruel, that it’s just true

Well, tonight, the joke’s on you

When the night is darkest and the moon is full

I’m gonna come tracking you down like an animal

And you can try and run away from me

But you’ll never again be free

And I’m going to take you to the ground

Fire meets fire and you’re the one going down

And I’ve waited a long time for this

To pay back all your blows and hits

And tell me you were wrong

When you said I couldn’t be strong

And tell me you regret this and tell me why

And if you’re still not sorry then tell me a lie

And you know that tonight you could die

Because it’s way too late to apologize

And even though I love hearing you plead for mercy

It’s way too late to say sorry

And before morning you could be long gone

Because right now the hunt is on

The path is shadowed but the moon is bright

And there’ll be one less person in the world tonight

One call, one scream, one slash of this knife

And in five seconds I could end your life

That’s the way it could be

But listen to me

True strength isn’t the ability to kill

True strength is the power you have over your own will

And true strength is the power to forgive

And that’s why tonight your going to live

True strength is the power to make things right

But I swear that you’ll never forget tonight



People spread all kind of lies about us

But we don’t care because

We don’t care what kind of lies they’ve told

Because you and me, we’re always gold

Midnight drives with all the windows down

City lights burning all around

We live this life only once, and it’s already begun

So let’s do it all now while we’re still young

Go straight into this without knowing

Turn our music up, Don’t stop and think- just going, going, going

Crash this place and watch it burn- this is so where we belong

Hearts beating, emotions bleeding- They’re playing our song

And these tricks will never grow old

Because you and me, we’re always gold

Scarlet skies and stormy seas

Let’s live up what will be teenage memories

Laughing at all the people we’ve tricked

Whispering at midnight in the hotel shower because our roommates are ticked

And we’ll always fall apart then back together

We were meant to do this forever

So let’s party all out all summer all night

All of the time- it only feels right

Climb every wall, Jump every fence

Do everything because it doesn’t make sense

We’ll never care what they say

Doing things against the crowd because that’s just our way

Sliding on banisters and driving too fast

Staying up way to late and expecting to last

Causing trouble in the bus’s backseat

Spray painting our names across the sidewalk’s concrete

These memories are something I’ll always hold

‘Cause you and me, we’re always gold



Why did I ever become friends with you?

That was a pretty dumb thing to do

And you ended up moving away

And I just want to say

This is one time

When someone should’ve come with a warning sign

That at least read

When this year is over you’ll wish you were dead

This year is going to stab you, burn you, make the ground shake

This friendship’s going to make your heart break

It should’ve said “I’m going to take your heart with mine

And certain sights, certain places will remind you of these better times”

It should’ve said that this is going to burn me in flames

It should’ve warned me that I’d laugh and cry when I hear your name

Because after this year there will be a sea

Of dreamlike bittersweet memories

It’s going to sting

Echos will ring

And you’ll regret this friendship we’ve had

And this year is going to hurt like mad

I don’t get why this had to be

Why you had to do this to me

It wasn’t your fault and but it still hurts

Golden memories trampled into the tears and dirt

And I can’t lie and say I’m fine

You should’ve come with a warning sign

It should’ve read

This is year is going to replay in your head

Everything in you will die

And it will pull you apart inside

When this year ends miles and miles will keep us apart

I’ll leave forever and break your heart

And you’ll laugh and sob when this is all over

A raving mad case of bipolar

You’ll spend long nights wishing on shooting stars

This year is the year of lasting scars

These memories will turn bittersweet and at night

You’ll go over and over every happy time, every fight

If there was a warning sign then

Maybe I wouldn’t be so hurt that I’ll never see you again

Now this is then next year

And I’m out of the stage of denial and tears

But you’re someone I’ll never forget

And last year was something that I almost regret



People say that they’re generally good.

I could argue with that.

Fighting, judgement

all day long

And here’s a stupid dog.

People say that they’re smart

The smartest of all species in fact.

And yet they don’t know how to deal

With something.

How to be able to let something go

And yet here

A dog knows how

So guess what people

The joke’s on you.



This is my best friend:

Why? Because unlike people, he’s not in a hurry

to grow up, to move on to the next thing.

Because unlike people he is willing to enjoy

the moment, to live in the

right now.

Because unlike people he’s completely

nonjudgmental, no matter what I do.

People think that they’re a 

superior species,

and yet they can’t do half the things

that a dog can.