sunshineI watched him with sunlight in his eyes as he cried

Breathing too fast, heartbeat too loud as I listened to him lie

And I’d give a million dollars to know what’s going through his head

But I have to settle for sleeping with a ghost instead

And he leans in from his side of the bed and takes my face in his hands

Says he can’t explain it- that I wouldn’t understand

He thought that I was different but I’m just like all the rest

And no one can fix that empty space inside his chest

He says he loved me but we both know that’s not true

And I say “I don’t know how I can get through to you”,

No words, no sound as I slowly get back dressed

I know what he’s going through- is it really so hard to confess?

Finally he admits “I don’t know what love is

And all those nights out chased is

Just emotions that’ve been wasted”

And so I say

“Sometimes that’s okay

Because sometimes it’s alright not to know

The hard part’s letting go

And sometimes it’s alright

To cry out for someone to hold at night

You just need someone to to take you home

To pretend you’re not alone

Sometimes you don’t want happiness going in

You just want your heart pumping in adrenaline

And sometimes you don’t want love- just a warm body

And someone who you can let all the scars see

And sometimes it’s hard to remember it’s just a fling

What you think is killing you is just a feeling

Then you think love isn’t real- it’s just a powerful illusion

Just a broken heart drawn to a desperate conclusion

And sometimes it’s alright to cry

Let your heartache stream down from your eyes

Like crystal sunlight,like broken glass

As you wonder how much longer you can last

And you’re so confused

You thought you were loved but you were just used

Praying this is just a dream- that none of this hell is real

Trust me- I know just how that feels”

And I stare into his eyes

An entire world of broken skies

And I hold him while he cries

Listen while he confesses his lies

I hold him while his heart breaks

Under the weight of so many mistakes

As inside he slowly dies

I have him look up to the sunrise

Searching for this end of night

One last chance for the sunlight





I fell for him in an autumn still laced with summer’s heat
First time he put his arms around me I was mesmerized by his heartbeat
It was pure summer when we were together
A space in time that spun out to forever
He’s a fire with a heart I can feel burning in mine
I could’ve lived in that summer until the end of time
I struggled to match his heat but no matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t shake the cold- I was still winter inside
It was like rays of light trying to reach through a dark river
He gave me his love but all I gave him was a shiver
And I just want to see him laughing- see his eyes light up with joy
But I’m never warm enough for my beautiful summer boy
He holds the power of daylight circling in his hand
A golden mystery winter could never understand
And while he melts away my snow and brings warmth to my breath
All I can give him is cold- enough to freeze him to death
There’s a reason only winter is characterized by snow
And it breaks me inside but I’ve got to let him go
I hope he finds someone complete and alive
So he doesn’t have to struggle through blizzards to survive
And I know he tried to put back together these broken parts
Because under all this frozen crystal he still saw a heart
But the ice just cut his hands and forced him to bleed
And he grew frustrated, thinking he didn’t have what I need
And I thought I felt love but it was really just cold
The glitter of ice falling for the glitter of gold
Summer could never love winter with all its frostbite and snow
And he never could’ve fallen for me- I know
And so I’ll watch from the edge of the icy woods
Tell myself this is all for good
The night inside screaming for light of day
As winter chases summer- but I’m always season’s away



I thought that I knew emotions

Thought I was familiar with those storming oceans

It all linked back logic- just a desperate way of thought

Feelings were just a net and everyone was caught

Now I know that I’d had no clue

Because that was before I met you

I never felt stunned before you first talked to me

Got all the air knocked out till I couldn’t breathe

Never felt my heart beat so fast

Never wanted a feeling so badly to last

I wish now I’d known what I’d been missed out on

I’d had no idea that inside you could be so strong

Had no idea that something this could be real

That there’s a million levels to the way someone can feel

I never felt heat until I looked into your eyes

Never felt what it was like to breathe so hard you almost die

Never felt flames until you looked at me

And now I want to be all you see

I’d had no idea what it was like to get

Addicted to a feeling and still haven’t quit on it yet

I didn’t know what could go on in a human heart

Feelings like your glowing or being broken apart

I never felt cold until the first time I felt your kiss

Never felt so intense a shiver until I’ve been through this

Never felt ice until your first touch

And now I swear I can’t get cold enough










Competition Time! (Dec)

​​​​Hey guys,

Jayden Brags here! Wolfie and I are hosting a competition called the blogger writes.

Find out why it’s called that here:

Also go there to find all the rules and how to submit your entry.

This month’s competition.

Category: love


Must be set in one of these locations

  1. A US farm in the middle of no where
  2. The white house
  3. Buckingham Palace
  4. Corn Field
  5. A cruise ship
  6. In a family home at Christmas
  7. North pole 


The poem MUST  be called one of these

  1. Love at Christmas 
  2. Love, Leave, Loss
  3. Keep calm and love on
  4. Love is all around me
  5. Family first, love second
  6. Love me
  7. I love you


The song MUST have all these words within your entry!

  1. Love
  2. Laugh
  3. Happy
  4. Live
  5. Kiss
  6. Me
  7. You

I hope you all enjoy this month’s competition I am so excited to read all your entries. Enter via the website and make sure you have read all the rules. We don’t want your entries disquallified!

Closes 25th


Every time we choose peace over war

Fight only for what’s worth fighting for

Every time we choose love over hate

It makes me wonder if it’s not too late

To be a world I once imagined past all the stars

Free of pain and free of scars

Yet every time I see all the hurt and lies

Some of that hope slowly dies

But every time your smile lights up your eyes

Sparks a fire and makes me feel alive

Every time another chain breaks free

That, my love, is worth it all to me


Competition Time! (Oct)

​Hey guys,

Jayden Brags here! Wolfie and I are hosting a competition called the blogger writes.

Find out why it’s called that here:

Also go there to find all the rules and how to submit your entry.

This month’s competition.

Category: school


Use one of these titles.

  1. The first day
  2. Behind closed doors
  3. The teachers tales of terrors 
  4. Nice vs Evil
  5. Everything went wrong!
  6. Running a school


The poem MUST  be based of one of these pictures


The song MUST be called one of these:

  1. Brave 
  2. School
  3. Love story
  4. School horror
  5. Best day ever!

I hope you all enjoy this month’s competition I am so excited to read all your entries. Enter via the website and make sure you have read all the rules. We don’t want your entries disquallified!

Closes 25th



Baby you the best of the best ’cause you work me out

I build my walls up just for you to tear down

You make me go extra miles till I’m hard as rock

Push it till I explode in an aftershock

Part of me loves you, part of me hates you

And you drive me crazy with what you do,

You don’t even realize this is how I feel

You could never tell a lie apart from what’s real

Baby you slash me to pieces till all I can do is bleed

Crazy high from love, you’re all I’ll ever need

You’re love reminds me of a steel hunting trap

Once I fall for you I can never go back

And you’re like the hunter who catches me

Loving you’s like being killed with electricity

And I sort of hate it, and I sort of love it

But either way it’s too late cause the dynamites been lit

And you don’t even realize

How around you part of me dies

And you drive me round and round inside of my head

Like gunshots firing – I swear you’re gonna drop me dead

Drive me till I’ve got strength like stone

Make me see other people when I’m all alone

Make me wanna laugh, make me wanna scream

Make me spin around in circles of insane dreams

Baby I’ve got almost all the signs of insanity

Why can’t you just release your hold on me?

I wish I could settle for one of the rest

But you give me this funny feeling inside my chest

Whenever you’re near me

How can that be?

If they ask me to describe it I don’t know if I could

Or maybe I just don’t know if I would

Cause all the stars are shifting out of alignment up above

Baby this must be what they call crazy love




You tell me there’s no way I know how you feel

That it’s agony so intense it’s sharply real

You think I don’t understand

But you have no idea how well I can

I know how your’e just balancing on the brink

And I know this is what you think:

There’s no beauty in pain

Only you with the blame

There’s never second chances

Only fake glances

There’s nothing stunning in tears

Nothing pure about fear

As the world tears down your innocence

Takes an open heart and builds a fence

And there’s no way a broken heart

Is in some way of piece of art

Because Jack left Diane and James Dean died young

And you wonder where on earth all this hurt came from

Even  Spider-Man couldn’t save Gwen

And you know it’s not so easy to pretend

And every day you feel something breaking in your chest

As you fall further into this mess

And every day you die inside

Cry at night till no more tears are left in your eyes

Sometimes you see things they say aren’t there

Either you’re crazy or they don’t care

You talk with voices inside your head

They said that you’re insane and already half-dead

And you know that’s not true, but not matter how hard you try

You can’t get them to see things through your eyes

There’s no point in life as far as you can see

Well child, listen to me

It’s a broken world, it’s a place of pain

And that will never, ever change

But beyond the night there’s still stars

And there’s still a heart beating under those scars

And I know that everyone’s a wolf heading for your heart

Set and ready to pounce and tear you apart

And I know the world is watching you

They can’t wait to see just what you’ll do

And there’s more wolves than you can count

Gatherin together to see the fallout

But you don’t have to hide behind your walls

I trust that you’re not going to fall

There’s a lot of brokenness out there waiting

But I promise it’s an unfinished painting


Here’s a few more drawings of mine, as well as some tips for other beginners…

Okay, so I confess- I am obsessed with marvel superheroes. I’ve learned how to draw them recently, and I’m still working in it, so uh, don’t judge 😂

Here we go:


I know that if you look up an image and see all that complicated armor it doesn’t seem like it, but Iron Man is actually rather easy to draw. You just have to be familiar with the form of a human body and you should have the general idea, then just add on from there. 🙂


Captain America is a little harder to draw. His uniform’s a little more complex than it looks, and you have to get the proportions of everything right… Or it doesn’t look like Captain America. Yeah, Chris Evan’s face isn’t exactly a breeze to sketch out either XD.


Alright, for the record the amazing Spider Man is my favorite superhero ever (sorry Mcguire fans, but I saw Andrew Garfield’s movie first… And I’m sticking with it). Though you can choose any actor you want, and it will still be the same level of difficulty to draw: Drop dead easy. If you know how to draw a person, than you can knock this dead no problem- but if you’re not familiar with how to draw human form, it’s a little more challenging because you’ve got nowhere to hide your mistakes. Also, if you get a proportion wrong, then Spidey’s incredible flexible, agile fighting style just looks really awkward, so you gotta hit the nail on the head or bring the whole house down. This drawing’s a little darker, but I kind of liked how it turned out. Make sure to add lighting in the right place or you won’t really be able to make out any details of Spidey’s uniform as you send him swinging through Queens.


This is actually not a superhero, but a character from my own stories 🙂 Goldenwolf is an ordinary 18 year old, right? I wanted to capture the two different sides of this character in my story: The friendly, ordinary person that people like me can relate to, and then what I’ve draw here: An assassin trying to make up for what he’s done. You can read more here if you want. Anyways, when drawing your own characters you have to capture them the way you want people to see them, and in the process you’ll discover more about them yourself. This is really just a rough sketch, but in it I wanted something fierce, something bold and something dangerous- just like Goldenwolf. I wanted a person to be able to look at this and be able to tell a lot just by seeing it. You can obviously choose whatever you want them to look like, but it’s a little harder cause you don’t already have an image in your head of what they should look like, you’ve gotta just go with a single idea.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got. 🙂 Thanks for tuning in. If you want me to post more stuff like this, you can let me know, it was kind of an experiment. If you’re an artist with some tips for me, I’d love to hear them! I’m always looking to improve!

Remember, drawing isn’t hard, you just have to have a confident mindset.

So I hope I didn’t suck.

What’d you think?






via Daily Prompt: Together

The funny thing about when someone you love dies

Is how walls build up over severed ties

And nothing makes the pain go away

And there’s always three steps of trying to get over yesterday

The first step is the faking

Never happened so you’re not breaking

Keep lying to yourself about how you feel

You keep saying this isn’t real

Second step is when denial splits apart

The weight of the world slams down on your heart

You slam yourself against your walls

Screaming why over and over as the tears fall

And the third step is the worst

Inside becomes too cold to hurt

There’s nothing left to be felt and nothing left to be spoken

And they think you’ve moved on but they don’t see how you’re broken

And you keep trying to chase out old promises of forever

Keep trying to stop wishing you still were together

But they took more than you thought when they left you all alone

They took away the light you once felt as you went home

Ran away with your heart’s other half

And now memories is all that you have

And they left you lying awake every night

Dreaming of going back in time to make it all right

First step is always the longest

Second step is always the strongest

Third step hurts the most

Haunted by your loved one’s ghost

And it takes a long time to bring back your fight

To let go of everything you held onto so tight

And even though you won’t forget ever

You have to accept that you’re still not together

Close your eyes, wish on a star

Get back up and cover your scars

Battle out the whispers from the crowd

About how you lost control and broke down

But when you stand over their grave

You know you’ll never regret the memories you made

Take a deep breath and turn your back

Get your whole act back on track

But you’ll never forget the promises you made then

Know you’ll never fall in love again

Because what happened before would crash down like storming weather

And you still want with every part of you to still be together