Competition Time! (Oct)

​Hey guys,

Jayden Brags here! Wolfie and I are hosting a competition called the blogger writes.

Find out why it’s called that here:

Also go there to find all the rules and how to submit your entry.

This month’s competition.

Category: school


Use one of these titles.

  1. The first day
  2. Behind closed doors
  3. The teachers tales of terrors 
  4. Nice vs Evil
  5. Everything went wrong!
  6. Running a school


The poem MUST  be based of one of these pictures


The song MUST be called one of these:

  1. Brave 
  2. School
  3. Love story
  4. School horror
  5. Best day ever!

I hope you all enjoy this month’s competition I am so excited to read all your entries. Enter via the website and make sure you have read all the rules. We don’t want your entries disquallified!

Closes 25th


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