via Daily Prompt: Together

The funny thing about when someone you love dies

Is how walls build up over severed ties

And nothing makes the pain go away

And there’s always three steps of trying to get over yesterday

The first step is the faking

Never happened so you’re not breaking

Keep lying to yourself about how you feel

You keep saying this isn’t real

Second step is when denial splits apart

The weight of the world slams down on your heart

You slam yourself against your walls

Screaming why over and over as the tears fall

And the third step is the worst

Inside becomes too cold to hurt

There’s nothing left to be felt and nothing left to be spoken

And they think you’ve moved on but they don’t see how you’re broken

And you keep trying to chase out old promises of forever

Keep trying to stop wishing you still were together

But they took more than you thought when they left you all alone

They took away the light you once felt as you went home

Ran away with your heart’s other half

And now memories is all that you have

And they left you lying awake every night

Dreaming of going back in time to make it all right

First step is always the longest

Second step is always the strongest

Third step hurts the most

Haunted by your loved one’s ghost

And it takes a long time to bring back your fight

To let go of everything you held onto so tight

And even though you won’t forget ever

You have to accept that you’re still not together

Close your eyes, wish on a star

Get back up and cover your scars

Battle out the whispers from the crowd

About how you lost control and broke down

But when you stand over their grave

You know you’ll never regret the memories you made

Take a deep breath and turn your back

Get your whole act back on track

But you’ll never forget the promises you made then

Know you’ll never fall in love again

Because what happened before would crash down like storming weather

And you still want with every part of you to still be together




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