flower_between_thorns_by_ashleigh1993Whenever people see her

They do a double take

Turn away and shiver

Reminding her of what it was like to break

And they only see her appearance

Focused on reflections

Ignore her kindness and perseverance

Decide that looks make for perfection

And if only they’d been there

When that accident occured

Blood everywhere

Not sure if she’d ever move forward

Watching the stars

With a prayer to stay alive 

They don’t know those scars

Prove she won the fight to survive

And they could never understand 

What it was like to almost die

When her loved ones held her hand

Tears streaming from their eyes

And all they can see

Is a twisted ruined mess

And she’s more beautiful than they’ll ever be 

But they couldn’t care less

And they call her horrific names

But what they say all just lies

And they could never see the flames

Burning in her eyes

And she’s proof miracles exist 

And I hope she knows that’s the truth 

And she can take their blows and hits

‘Cause now she’s bulletproof 

And they could never see past 

What they think of her face

But some things like beauty never last 

And they’ll never earn your place

And they can say whatever 

But she’s stronger than before

And she will back down- never 

Because words don’t hurt anymore

Now she’s so fearless, so strong

Making all their taunts so inconvincible

She tunes them out to her own song

She’s invincible 



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