The world’s not an easy place to be

So much fighting, so much hate

So much blame, so much hypocrisy

And I bet a lot of people think it’s too late

And this is the time when most people feel

Like screaming and crying why

Wishing that superheroes were real

And could come saving the city, streaking across the sky

And most people are probably thinking nothing could

Change a heart of pain and worries

But sometimes it takes some bad to bring out the good

And let me tell you a few stories

Life was never easy and things were rough

He was rejected and pushed out for all his flaws

Not big enough, not strong enough

But he wanted to serve a bigger cause

But people said he couldn’t do it- he’d be torn apart

And he wasn’t the most powerful, the fastest when he ran

But he had a lot more than them in his heart

And that’s when the legend of Captain America began

She was an orphan with a tough past for anyone to take

But she never lost her wits and iron will

And she was marble and refused to break

Even as she was trained to kill

And they thought they could control her- they had her story planned

Taught her to be strong all on her own

And she took what she’d learned and took command

And Black Widow wrote her story on her own

His mom was murdered and his father was wrongly accused,

And even though he spoke the truth people called him insane

He was the kid all the other children abused

But no one would listen to who should really have the blame

He didn’t believe only in what he could see with his eyes

And it’d been years but he was convinced that his fight wasn’t done

He refused to let all his dreams die

And that’s when the Flash began to run

And you don’t need to be struck by lightning

Don’t need a Super- Soldier serum or radioactive spider

To keep you head up and keep on fighting

To make your horizons wider

You don’t need a fancy costume

You don’t need to be a superhero, don’t need to save the world every night

Don’t need to be a bat outlined again the moon

To stand up and do what’s right

So raise your voice

Even if they call you stupid or weak

Because you have this choice

And it’s in your power to speak







2 thoughts on “THE POWER TO SPEAK

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