tips-to-become-an-open-minded-personFriday night, blowout party, everybody knows my name

And I’ve never met him before, but I’m glad he came

Love at first sight- when he talks to me I feel my heart banging in my chest

I give him my name and my number, and then I let him do the rest

And this is just what I need after a long hard week

This is so like a movie, I can hear the music when he speaks

“I can never sit still, I hate TV and I’m always late

But I’ve got a free night tomorrow, can we call it a date?”

And life is tough, but we’ve got all night

To dance our hearts out and make it all alright

And live like you’re dying tomorrow, blast your favorite song

Toss away all your worries and sing along

And as I watch him move I hope tonight never ends

All the other girls are on him, and for now we’re just friends

And I don’t know if he’ll ever remember my number or if he’ll call

But just a simple friendship’s so much better than nothing at all

And I have no idea where this friendship’s going to go

But I’m open minded to anything- just so you know

And I love the way his eyes light up when he laughs

I’d bet everything that after one taste I would never go back

And I only want to get out, and I just want to breathe

And the way he looks at me makes it all pretty clear to me

And sometimes life hurts, but it’ll be okay

‘Cause we got all of tonight to wash off yesterday

And who knows what kind of problems tomorrow’s gonna bring?

But just stay open minded and you can do anything







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