via Daily Prompt: Shiver

ice_heart_by_mikrox-d5m6pt1I can feel your heart

Breaking apart

I can feel your eyes

Full of a hope that slowly dies

And I can feel your hands

Grasping for something you don’t understand

And I’m sorry that this happened to you

Not what I intended to do

But when you almost walked away

That had it’s own price to pay

And I had to keep myself together

Because I knew we wouldn’t last forever

So you got what you give

As I searched for an alternative

And now you call me up on my phone

And you beg me to not leave you alone

And you said that you’d never let me go

And I know

And I watch tears stream down your face

As your world falls out of its place

And you say that you never knew I could be this cold

… So you were never told?

And you keep on asking me why

And I can hear you cry

But I don’t listen

I keep it all within

And my heart breaks a little

A tiny fracture down the middle

As I leave you behind

But you should know that it was time

And I know you hate this- I do too

But it’s time I moved over you

And you say that you should’ve looked twice

Because you never knew I could be as cold as ice

And around you the snow starts to fall

As I leave you once and for all

And you begin to drown in a freezing dark river

As all I give you in the end is a shiver






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