red-wallpaper-15When something inside

Claws it’s way through

When someone severs the ties

Of this monster in you

And hatred and rage

Begin to flow

Released from its cage

The beast won’t let go

And blood stains a night

Full of silent screams

Scarlet fire burns bright

In nightmares for dreams

And fury will rise

Filling your head

Blaze alive in your eyes

Turning everything red

But red isn’t defined

By anger alone because

It also colors the lines

Of the emotion called love

Of passion and heartache

For something too close and too far

The way that you break

Wishing on stars

Of want and desire

Of an iron connection

Racing through your veins like fire

Is pain in perfection

The way that you feel

When they’re beside you

Something surreal

Every moment is new

And when they tell you they love you

And it makes your heart glow

Like it grew wings and flew

It’s what you always wanted to know

Love and hate

So incredibly the same

Pretend you can’t stop then it’s too late

And you’re trapped in the game

People say that you can’t control it

But I say they’re wrong

Once a fire’s been lit

You can put it out before long

One feeling can change to the other one

In the blink of an eye

As soon as it has begun

It can change sides

So control your love and control your hate

Keep them on track

Because once it’s too late

You can never turn back














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