via Daily Prompt: Mistake

Last night I stayed up too late

Wondering just how much my heart could break

Thinking that maybe all along

Since the beginning you’d already moved on

And I’d begged you for one chance

Thinking I was living a dream romance

And reality took a while to dawn

When I finally realized it was me who was wrong

And you’d left but I’d done the rest

I’d left this  bleeding hole in my own chest

I’d had a lot of hope riding on you

That you’d be the one to break through

The barrier I’ve built over myself, this wall

That I gradually began to let fall

But I should’ve left it where it was

Foolishness is what foolishness does

And I thought we could work out

But then I realized that’s not what your goal was about

You just wanted to play a few games

Wanted to watch me go through all this pain

Wanted to bit by bit break me apart

Wanted to know how far you had to go to break my heart

And I bet you’re laughing at me

About how gullible I can be

But you know what? Thank you

For showing me just what you do

Because now I know that I was better on my own

I was meant to be alone

And I don’t need anyone

In the end it was me who won

Because you’ll always need to keep playing

Running away and never staying

But now I know that I can be free

So just stay away from me

Because I’m not lonely when I’m without you

I am stronger than you ever knew

It was never really your fault it was mine

For letting you across all my lines

It was my fault that I fell for your tricks

Believing your lies to be some kind of magic

And it was my fault but now I’m awake

I know I was my own mistake

And now I’m smarter, stronger than before

I can turn my back and slam the door

And one day everyone will see you’re a fake

And I’ll watch you collapse from the weight of your mistakes




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