liquid-silver-melts-the-surface-1024x768Everyone has wishes

Most desire riches

And trust me, I

Can see the look in your eye

When you say you want something more

But you’re not sure what you’re looking for

You’re still looking at what the world has to bring

Well I think I can be that one thing

And no, I’m not diamond, I’m not a glittering girl

And no, I’m not platinum, can’t buy the whole world

I’m not one of the most sought after like gold

But I promise I’m more than what you’ve been told

I’m the color that gleams off a dark river

I’m the cold of a winter that leaves you with a shiver

I’m the softest of lights that illuminates a room

I’m the mystery that emits from the glowing full moon

I’m not fake or a liar or a show off or rough

And I’m not the most beautiful but I hope I’m enough

Because silver can love you even if you break

And I’m not a cheap knock off or sparkling fake

And silver can guide you through a world full of fake tracks

One taste and I swear you’ll never look back

And you can put your hands on my heart and you’ll feel

Something strong and powerful and completely real

And silver isn’t much in this world full of wealth

But if you can see past the price tag into myself

Then maybe you’ll discover something worth your time

Maybe you’ll take me and become mine

And in this world full of treasure silver’s easy to miss

But just look in my eyes and hear me out on this

Ruby may be prettier than me

And sapphire is worth more than I’ll ever be

But love has higher worth than any of these do

And I think this silver heart is perfect for you





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