I grew up one door down from you

I was the only sister you ever knew

You were my brother is what we’d always pretend

Always forever the best of friends

We’d be at each others houses all the time

Play with each other at the fence line

You taught me math and how to play baseball

I showed you how to paint the colors of leaves in the fall

When we were five we would be out all day

The world was full of new games to play

We wanted to be superheroes when we were eight

Flying around in swirling capes

When we were twelve you skipped a grade

And I had a collage on my wall of the memories we made

When we were sixteen you were Prom King, Best Athlete, and a crazy math nerd

And I was Most Artistic and complimented for my way with words

And finally when we graduated high school, ready for college in fall

I sat on my bed and looked back at it all

The photos of us and our friends having marshmallow fights

When we’d laugh and tell stories late into the night

When thanks to your help I won the science fair

And when I got fake dye all over your hair

All of those memories, Christmas’s, Valentines,

That’s when I realized I was in love with you the whole time

And you’ve got another girl, all you’ll ever need

And this is probably the worst ever timing for me

You could never see what I see

Never notice how I bad I want you with me

And you keep saying I’m your best friend

But that’s not the way I want this to end

And I know you’ll never think this will work ever

But just once let’s stop saying never

Because I think I could make you happy

Because this whole thing was meant to be

So please just say yes and come with me

So we can add happily ever after to the end of our love story





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