temp2-0x0via Daily Prompt: Eyes

Stormy green eyes, I can see you looking at me

Smile, look away and pretend that I didn’t see

Just throw all the rules out that window,

I can see you slowly coming near

Hey, don’t be scared, tell me whatchya doin’ round here?

We all have those crazy nights, you know?

Stormy green eyes, I know you’re not aiming for stealth

Fake a smile and the only one you’re fooling’s yourself

I can feel your gaze watching me every time I walk,

Now you’re right here like you should’ve been all along

C’mon boy, you could make this my new favorite song

Time to break from all of this talk,

Stormy green eyes, I wanna see how you move

Don’t be shy ’cause I swear you’ve got nothing to prove

I wanna see you for the way you really are,

Let’s get out on the floor and you could show me how you dance

This is it, your one and only chance

Everything’s already spun out way too far,

Stormy green eyes, tell me did you come here alone?

You should know that tonight nobody’s going home

So just dance till you feel like you’ll die,

This is too perfect a moment to miss

So show me how well you can kiss

It’s too insane of a night not to try,

Stormy green eyes, you’re gonna be stuck in my head

And I’d love to be caught with you alive or dead

I’ve got you against a wall,

Baby, you don’t have to be a stranger

You’re such a hot mess of danger

And you know perfectly well you’ve got it all,

Stormy green eyes, don’t stop telling me lies

That you’ll never leave me, you’ll never break these ties

Because we both know that they’re not true,

Go on, shoot me that sardonic smile

Pull me in the corner and we can “talk” for a while

And we both know how bad I want you,

Stormy green eyes, who you doin’ it for?

You caught my eye as soon as I walked through that door

But don’t tell me who it is until you’re already gone,

Crazy in love with someone I’ve met five seconds ago

Don’t fight it, I’m just going with this flow

And stormy green eyes, I’ll love you all the way until dawn










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