pushyavia Daily Prompt: Ghost

Lights go down

Too dark to see

Silence falls over this town

And I hear you calling to me

Close my eyes

Try to let you go

But I’m just living a lie

And both of us know

I’ll be haunting you

Just like you do to me

I wish both of us knew

It wouldn’t be easy

And tonight in some other place

Do you lie awake in the night?

Remembering my face

After that fight

I can’t lose you

The memories just won’t go away

A mist I can see through

Whispering the things I didn’t say

And every time the lights die

I keep thinking your name

It’s written in stars across the sky

I think I’m going insane

You’re what takes me apart

You’re what I regret the most

You’re the other half of my heart

You’re my ghost

And I wonder right now

If you’re thinking of me

If you’re chained down and how

You’ll ever get free

I wonder if you’ve moved on

If you’re with someone knew

But one thing I’ve known one thing all along

When you try I’ll haunt you

Will it be like this forever?

Constantly reliving memories?

Remembering when we were together

Then drowning in a sea?

And whispers and secrets

Go away when comes dawn

And the ghost of regret

Is suddenly gone

But when it’s the middle of nighttime

In the midst of daggers and screams

I swear I can feel your mouth against mine

Or maybe it’s just crazed dreams

I swear I can feel you at my side

Your whisper, your hands

I could run away, I could hide

And it changes nothing, I don’t understand

And somewhere in the world

You keep seeing me and you keep turning away

You try to find another girl

But I’m after you after the day

And I smile to myself, staring out at the sea

Waiting for the night to come to be your host

Waiting for you to come to me

And tonight I’ll finally be free of my ghost









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