We’re just two kids

In a run- down town

A perfect place for secrets to be hid

When people see us they turn around

We’re just a couple of troublemakers,

We’re just a couple of kids out too late

Even for a Friday night

Kiss or kill- that’s up to fate

Dancing under old yellow streetlights

Playing at being heart breakers,

We’re just a couple of kids who act like we don’t care

Me and you are on the polices’ files

We’ll kiss in a crowd like no one else is there

Hide all our pain behind something fierce and wild

Because we weren’t always this free,

I used to be a good girl until my father died

My mom would drink till she went insane

Stumbling, laughing now with nothing to hide

And she would forget both of our names

And finally it was one day too many for me,

You were the son of a hiding murderer

You were born a secret and lived a lie

Where your mother went, you were never sure

But you heard she only viewed love as a high

Always pulling dumb stunts,

You’ve got your dad’s good looks and your mom’s strong will

But you also had a fire neither of them have got

When your dad kept seeing the old enemy he killed

It wasn’t his old enemy that night who he shot

But you survived and headed for the hills- not looking back once,

When I ran away from the place I used to call home

Fifty bucks cash and a thirst to run

I was finally free but I was alone

I didn’t know things had just begun

Then I ran into this stranger,

You a year older- just seventeen,

A cocky smile but sad eyes

Like a beautiful broken dream

Like someone who’s heart had died

And now kept looking for adrenaline and danger,

And we began talking

Told each other our stories

Found each others tales sad but not shocking

And you said “run away with me”

And we joined our tracks,

And now here we are

Two kids who hang out in alleys in the rain

Holding hands and looking through the stars

For an answer to take away the pain

From those wounds made years back,

We’re just two kids who people call fools

But how could they judge when they don’t know?

They wonder why we’re always breaking rules

Why we got all the places we go

But we’ve got nothing to lose after ripping apart,

We’re just two kids sitting on top of a car

Searching the night for new starts

Still bleeding from old eternal scars

Trying to piece together each others hearts

Living life like a half-burned work of art,

We’re just two kids

In a run- down town

And no one would know some of things we did

Some of life’s secrets we found

Just two kids




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