When our story had just begun

We had it all

Now you say that you’re done

Arms crossed as you lean on the wall,

Suitcases, goodbye

As you leave me behind

Breathe deep, don’t cry

But I can’t help flashing back in time,

We used to be happy, when we were together

We used to dance under the stars

We used to make promises about forever

And now you leave me with all of these scars,

You caught my attention with your good looks and charm

And we fell in love and made plans for a home

I used to be safe in your arms

And now you leave me all alone,

And now, years later, I think back to that day

When you said the dream had died

Packed up, drove away

I felt like my feelings had lied,

And I’ve been struggling, trying

To work this out in my head

But I keep telling myself half- truths and lying

And I wish for you instead,

I keep wondering- was it my fault things turned out this way?

There’s a steady stream of questions flooding through my brain

I keep thinking of things to say

But no excuse can block tides of pain,

One moment it hurts so much it burns

The next I hardly have a regret

And all in all I learn

That it won’t be long before I can’t keep this a secret,

I keep denying it all

But I don’t know what to do

Summer’s gone to fall

And I think I’m still in love with you,

Can we just reverse our tracks?

Go just a few minutes back in time

Can we just change things and  go back

When everything was good and fine?

I can’t forget how it was before

And I watch your car drive away

I want so bad the way we were

And I think I finally know what to say,

So I run after your car

Watch you stop in surprise

Because I know it hasn’t gone too far

Beyond the night there’s a sunrise,

And as you roll down your window

I know we can end up okay

So before you go

This is what I didn’t say.






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