Words never spoken

I’m falling

You can’t hear me calling

Leave me broken,

Close my eyes

Hold tight

Keep up the fight

Even if I can feel inside me die,

Is this really what the story of us is about?

And you say

It wasn’t supposed to be this way

But then came the fallout,

This can’t be

Our end

Not again

So this is what you tell me,

Let’s turn around all the charts

Go back in time

Balance the lines

Before we fell apart,

Let’s heal these bleeding marks

Go back to before

When we were more

Than just broken parts,

And we can go back to before that fight

We can say kind words instead

It was all just in our heads

Make things right,

And we can go back to our first kiss

Into the sunrise

With firefies

Like this,

And I’ll fix your broken heart

Look into my eyes

Ignore the lies

Go back to the start,

I can give you all I have

We can get lost in a sea

Of storms and memories

Give me your heart’s broken halves,

And we could play our song and dance

We could

And we should

Give love another chance,

You could cry tears like glittering stars

Bleed galaxies

For me

And I’d fade away your scars,

And we can go back to when we first met

That summer night

Under city lights

Before these regrets,

Before we could ever know

This breaking

And faking

And letting go,

We could go back to when you confessed

You’d been watching me across the room

Hoping I wouldn’t leave too soon

You were curious,

And go back to when I’d pushed through

The huge crowd

All too bright and too loud

And I’d said “Nice to meet you.”









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