via Daily Prompt: Stubborn



They’re laughing at me

Saying things behind my back

Because they just see

How I got knocked off track,

I messed up tonight

But I’ve learned one more thing

I’ll make it all right

Keep facing what the world has to bring,

I keep missing the target

They say I’ll never be enough

But I just dust off the words and regrets

And I’m not going to give up,

I’ll learn from my own mistakes

I’ll give it another go

I won’t ever break

And they all just don’t know,

And I’ll fall

And I’ll hit the ground

No regrets at all

Just ready for another round,

And maybe this is the millionth try

But I just keep getting stronger

Let it burn, head up high

And I just have to stay on my feet a little longer,

And maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m hopeless

But I’m not going to stop

I’ll try, break down  into this mess

But the fight was worth being fought,

And they can laugh, but it’s all just words

And I know I’ll take off to the sky

And just like the birds

I will stretch my wings and fly,

And they can push me down

And we keep making all the same moves

I’ll just get up off the ground

And fight even though I know I’ll lose,

And maybe I’m stupid, maybe I’m stubborn

But I’ll push it till I win

I started off ice cold but now I’m getting warm

And there’s no way I’ll give in,

And I know I’ll get it right one time

Even when I reach the point I want to collapse

I’ll force myself across that finish line

Push at this weakness till it snaps,

And there’s no reverse

Just  the again

And it hurts

But I’ll reach the end,

And when I’m finally done

When I’ve reached the end

I’ll look back at how far I’ve come

And I’ll begin it over again.







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