You keep saying you’re scared of being alone,

 That around you the world is fading to gray

You keep saying that you’re tired and missing home

That you just wanna find a place to stay,

That everyone seems to carry a gun and a knife

That it’s too dark to find your way

And you keep asking me the meaning of life

And this is what I say:

“Thing’s will never be simple inside someone’s heart

You can’t just record how something is felt

Find what it is that binds you from falling apart

And then answer the question for yourself.”

You tell me that you’re afraid of the dark

And your life is all just one big lie

That you knew it was all hopeless from the start

That no one can hear your broken cry,

You say that life is just a cruel game

That you’ve reached the end of your rope

That the ice of the world keeps putting out your flame

And you ask me the meaning of hope,

You ask me if it’s really true

If someone as lost as you can find their way

But I can’t hand all of life’s answers to you

So this is what I say:

“Human’s are so fragile

They’re so easy to break

Just put on a brave smile

And you’ll realize you’re not a mistake.”

You say you can’t go on anymore with you’re heart broken,

But I know you’re just hiding out of sight,

That all you’ve had to say has been spoken,

But I know that one day you’ll stand up and raise your fight,

Keep on chasing clouds wherever they blow

But one day you’ll step out and realize how far you’ve come

Try to discover things you still don’t know

But right now all you can do is run,

Trying to solve all of the universe’s strange mysteries

Searching desperately for stars up above

And you keep asking me

For the meaning of love,

I can’t give you the answers

For there’d be a huge price to pay

For knowing something far beyond words

So this is what  I say:

“You can’t hold onto an emotion

The clarity with which it runs through

It’s like the call of a storm, of the oceans

And how you define it is up to you

Love isn’t something that can be written down

Put in a book on some dusty shelf

So when you ask me this get up off the ground

And go find out the meaning of love for yourself.”



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