ringsoffireI knew it wouldn’t be easy when I first met you

When we crept away at night

You were so quiet and hard to get too

It had never once ever felt right,

But I love the feeling that I’m burning,

Crashing down from the sky

I love when you tell me by now I should be learning

How to break away and fly,

I love the thorns and those silver nights

I love how we’re always passing the blame

I love the kisses and the blazing fights

Again and again playing this game,

I love how everything is suddenly so hurtful

I love how it burns each time we go around

I love how we’re just going in one giant circle

I love each time you slam me down,

I love the fire,  I love the pain

I love when you break all the promises you made then,

I love kissing under the moon and dancing in the rain,

And I love when the circle goes around again,

I love the bullets we fire and all the regrets,

I love that moment when I scream “I can’t take any more,

All of the secrets and wild sunsets,

When we take each other rolling out on the floor,

I love it when you beg and plead,

I love when we just walk away,

I love it when your words make me bleed,

When we stop talking for days,

I can’t explain why

I love every time when,

And I

Love when the circle starts over- And I love the again,

Again and again and again,

Each time we say we’re in love and pretend,

Again and again and again and again,

Breaking off for our hearts to mend,

Again running off in the night ,

Again screaming,

Again setting things right ,

Again dreaming,

I love the fall

I love what was then,

And most of all,

I love the again



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