Here I am standing here all over again,

Reminded of the promise I made then,

Don’t they know it’s not really me,

But they just can’t see

Because the scars come with ties

They all link back to lies,

All the whispers in the night

I gave up putting up a fight,

Thought it’s not worth being strong,

But now I know I was wrong

Should’ve left it as it was


I’m tired of causing all of this pain,

Tired of of all these bloodstains,

So I’m gonna take my secrets and tell

All ten thousand reasons I fell

I’m going to tell you my fears

What I haven’t said in years,

I’m going to do something I’ve never done

I’m going to trust someone

I’m going to be honest this time

Because I’m

Tired of hearing the judge call my name,

Tired of playing this game,

I’m tired of all these chains

Tired of putting out all these flames

Tired of paying the cost

Sick of lives being lost,

Tired of the scarlet floods

Tired of all the innocent blood

It was never meant to come to this

I promise

So now I’m telling you this secret so hold it tight

Decide if what I did is right

They’ll all think I’m a liar

Trial, wall, fire

And this is hard to do

But I’m going to tell you

What’s been killing me every day

All the things I didn’t say

Everything I never confessed

The story behind this mess

I’m going to pull on through

And now I’m going to trust you

And because I’ve already failed

Let me tell you my tale

I’m going to give you the proof

Just in case you’re brave enough to tell them the truth



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