attractive-vinyl-5x6-5ft-backdrops-sun-font-b-earth-b-font-font-b-surface-b-fontI’ve flown a lot of planes and been a lot of places

Sailed a lot of ships and seen a lot of faces

France to China to New York City

Around the world is the place to be

Country sunrises and Paris nights

Hawaiian beaches and city lights

Whoever said “it’s a small world” was an idiot

Its a big, big world- and I can prove it

I’ve been around the whole wide world- from L.A. to Rome

Still looking for a  place I can call home

 I’ve wished on shooting stars out in night-time meadows

Chased down the clouds wherever they blow,

I’ve seen death and sickness and fights

I’ve seen celebrations of joy lasting out the whole night

I’ve seen people laugh and scream and cry

I’ve seen so many dreams and wishes die

I’ve seen happiness and heartbreak and despair

I’ve tried to lose all my troubles in fresh mountain air,

I’ve got friends from Tennessee to Tokyo

But none of the thousands of people I’ve met know

Why I never stay- doubt I could explain it though

That moment when I lost myself in pain

Tears were falling down like rain

I couldn’t take the blame

So I changed my phone number, changed my name

 I tried to forget everything I did back then

And tried to restart all over again

Now my friends in Russia say good night,

My Canadian friends make me promise to write

My friends from Britain ask me what’s up

And my friends in Tasmania wish me good luck

Maybe one day I’ll finally be done

Settle down and stop trying to run

But right now it’s only just begun

I’m still free and wild and young

Because right now I can’t be done yet,

There’s still adventures calling and I’ve got a one way ticket

So around the world is still my home

With a couple thousand friends to remind me I’m never alone



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