1Night falls

Over the sea

Can you hear the wind call?

Because it’s words are clear to me

Can you hear the voices?

They’re calling your name

Whispering about a journey of choices

And rivers of pain

Speaking of a story

Where love and fire burn bright

The main characters are you and me

Struggling through the dark to the light

They say it won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth the risk

I’ll love you forever

Just stay with me on this

I swear I’ll hold us together

And the wind calls across the water

Bringing back long- lost memories

Son of fire and ocean’s daughter

Going down in a flaming sea

Friendships and loves

Sometimes lost in our tale

And two loose their life as it once was

But refuse to fail

Break down

Pick yourself back up

Stand your ground

And hope it’ll be enough

Take a deep breath

I’m right by your side

Look straight into death

Feel the fear grow inside

Follow me into the storm

Block out the crashing waves and the screams

I promise I’ll keep you warm

It’s not as bad as it seems

And you’ll lose sight of the stars

Underneath the surface of the dark sea

Close your eyes, feel it wash off your scars

And now you’re finally free

At first it’ll burn

And you feel like you’ll break

Then you’ll know things no one else ever could learn

Of honor and strength

And then you’ll see light

The beautiful full moon

Illuminating the night

And then it’s all over too soon

And suddenly we’re back on the shore

Like we’re waiting for it to again begin

But the only proof that there’d ever been more

Is the voice of the wind




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