It was summer when we first met,

And there was the most blazing heat that I’d felt yet,

What could’ve happened- who knows?

But then you up and left and the summer froze,

It was all just a gamble- just a roll of the dice,

But I didn’t count on getting lost in this ice,

Buried and freezing in a raging snowstorm,

Nothing and nobody could keep me warm,

I thought never again could something be right,

And then I heard a wolf’s call sound in the night,

Slowly I pulled myself up from the frozen ground,

And my only goal was to follow the sound,

And I wouldn’t let this ever happen again,

So I followed the wolves and became one of them,

So I became a creature of strength and defiance,

Brilliant eyes watching from the winter silence,

And I got everything back on track,

And then one day you came back,

And you said “This time let’s do it all right,”

But all I could feel was the freezing cold night,

And I knew that it wasn’t happening this time,

Leaving me all alone had you across that line,

And you said we’ll always fall back together

But I didn’t want to do that forever,

So you said you were sorry, But I turned away,

I’m a winter wolf now-

Because you made me that way,

And as at night I watched the stars,

I wondered how I came so far,

I don’t rely on anyone and I wonder how,

I could be all that much stronger now,

And when the full moon makes my heart start to pound,

This new wolf makes the perfect sound,

And even when you send me problems from all around,

I pretend they’re just other wolves that I can take down,

Being a wolf forever is what I decide,

And you’ll see me when a blizzard strikes from outside,

And if you ever get trapped all alone and the snow starts to fall,

Just follow my voice-

The winter wolf’s call




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