105812_7429_7Mirrors and smoke

People in disguise

Weights and ropes

It’s all just a lie

Pulling people apart

I could wave my hand

When they draw near

And they don’t understand

What makes them disappear

Along with their broken hearts

Wires and trapdoors

Spring a surprise

They beg for more

With wide eyes

Smile, close your eyes, make a wish

Use what I learned from last time

Deck of cards, one try and I’ve got the ace

They think I can read their minds

Watch the look on their face

As they vanish

Play the cards

Watch them cry

As they fall hard

As I say goodbye

Oh so tragic

Smoke thickens and mirrors break

Rabbits disappear

As they realize their mistake

Trapped under a spell of fear

They blame it on magic

But none of my tricks

Would work on you

Wands turned to sticks

And without wires I flew

It’s beyond anything I know

You see through me like I’m clear

I can’t seem to understand this

Whenever you come near

Is this what love is?

I can’t figure out how this should go

I don’t know if I want this to have a conclusion

Because with you I can finally breathe

You and I, we’re not just another illusion

And I think you could be happy with me

And you know when I’m with you

Words come without rehearsed lines

I don’t know what it is that you do

But I think it really is magic this time



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