hey readers of mine!

Okay, hi everyone!

I know you’re all expecting depressing poetry or something, but I’m doing something new (not my idea, but it seemed like a good one).

I usually run this blog completely on my own, but I always thought collaboration ideas were pretty cool- especially since that’s how my blog actually started (but that’s a whole other story). Recently I’ve met a blogger who’s writes https://jaydenbrags.wordpress.com

Jaydenbrags is 14, which kind of shocked me at first because

  1. It’s kind of strange to find someone your age writing on a blog when so far you’ve really just had an adult audience (not complaining because if all the blogs run by adults were run by kids than that’d be a nightmare)
  2. He’s really, really actually very good

So check it out! I think you’ll enjoy his writing, he’s funny and witty, and it makes for a good read 🙂

He writes about all kinds of different stuff, so drop by some time. All you have to do is push a link, so hey, why not?

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more depressing poetry by me 😉




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