personalities-clocksFeels like the whole world is always moving too fast

Reality flashes by and nothing lasts

Tick tock

Goes the clock

Time is like a train running across tracks

No matter how hard we try we can’t turn it back

But do you know what I would do

To freeze this moment here with you?

Up here in the clear air where we can breathe

Where you’re all I’ll ever need

And your eyes keep telling me

What I’d been too blind to see

And everything is out in the clear flying up above

And I can finally understand why some have died for love

And the only thing keeping your heart from mine

Is time

Because time creates the spaces in between us


We belong to different ages, different centuries

We belong to different eras, but they may as well be galaxies

And when we’re together

We span across forever

But all I can hear is the tick tock


When the ages collide

Your heart meets mine inside

Two forces, two powers beyond human minds

And time

Is what tears us apart

What blocks off our hearts

You’re the Future, and I’m ancient history

But you still belong with me

I am firelight, love before it was twisted, blood spilled after ancient fights

You’re clever and street smart and bright city lights

You’re the future and I’m the past

Existing as long as time will last

Until one day the Earth will end

Chaos begins over again

One day it will be over, one day we’ll be free

And once again you’ll be side by side with me

But for now whenever I chase you

I come so close, I think I’ll pull through

And then those few seconds come between us like a knife

And I watch others go through their life

They’re so short, such a small amount

But at least they have love to make it count

So I’ll wait for you until the end of the line

Until the end of this thing called “time”

Until we’re released from this web where we’re caught

And I’ll listen for it to stop

The tick tock




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