Once there was a little girl

Dreaming innocent dreams of the world

She believed in peace, in harmony, in life

And she was such an easy target for someone’s scarring knife

And she would take off from the ground

Head in the clouds

Always looking  on the bright side

Encouraging the very last racer, comforting those who cried

And when she got older she saw how the world was broken

Saw the lashes, heard the cruel words spoken

Saw how people stood up for themselves, the hypocrisy in it all

And she couldn’t believe how far humans could fall

So she stood up, let them know what she thought

Entered the arena and gave it her all as she fought

But the world didn’t agree with her so they pushed her away

Didn’t think that what she thought was right, so they made her pay

When she stood for what she thought was right the world looked and said

“You’re better off a quitter, you’d be better off dead”

They told her that they didn’t want to respect each others beliefs

And she collapsed in on herself in pain and in grief

But it wasn’t because they’d hurt her, no

It was because of their hate for each other, so

She took a deep breath, gave up the fight

But refused to believe that the world was right

Still believed in everyone there was something beautiful inside

Believed that only love could cause hate to die

She continued to hold onto those thoughts tight

Because no matter what the world said, she believed they were right

Believed that we could set each other free

From all of the chains we cause, so now tell me

Am I better off a quitter? Am I better off dead?

Am I better off silent? Because that’s what they said

Am I better off believing that it’s never worth the cost?

Am I better off believing that all of hope is lost?

Because it turns out the world is broken and falling apart

Turns out it’s so easy to break a heart

But I still believe that beyond the cold

There still can be love, there’s still a trace of gold

God still loves you, and I still believe you can pull through

After all, the whole world’s counting on you




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