They say it takes a superhero to fly in and save the day

It takes superpowers to chase the bad away

And maybe I’m not Superman- I can’t fly and my eyes don’t fire lasers

I’m not the amazing Spider-Man- I can’t swing around on skyscrapers

I’m not Ironman- I can’t fire explosive light off my hands

And I can’t shrink and then regrow the way that Ant- man can

I’m not Captain America- with his shield and mindset to always do what’s right

I’m not the Flash and I can’t travel at the speed of light

I’m not Batman- with his martial arts and wealth

I’m not Black Widow with her crafty mind and stealth

I’m not Hawkeye who can hit the target with his arrow each and every round

And I’m not the Hulk who can just toss bad guys to the ground

I’m not Thor, with his hammer and lightning strikes

There’s no way I’d ever move the way Black Panther fights

So I can’t do any of this- so why do I even count?

I can’t save the world, so to what do I even amount?

So I’m not a superhero- but I can still do what’s right

I can still stand my ground and if I have to for what I believe in then I’ll fight

I can still go that extra mile

Still make others smile

And I don’t need special powers to bring joy to someone’s face

And I don’t need to be a superhero to make this world a better place


*this poem was a competition entry, hope the judges like it!*




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