Adding up my one million mistakes

How many until it causes you to break?

And the amount of time that’s passed has been so long

Looking back at everything that I’ve ever done wrong

It’s an endless list

How have I done all this?

Can’t even see who I am for all my flaws

Just look at all the chain reactions I’ve caused

Forever and ever playing the same old game

I’m always the one to blame,

But I’m never brave enough to stay

And all I can do is run away

All of those chances that I miss

I don’t know how much longer I can live with this,

And every time I’m brave enough to try and make amends

I just go and mess it all up again,

I just don’t know what to do

After what I did to you

And I don’t know what to say

And I live in regret each day

Always chasing broken dreams into the dying sun

Every time I give up and run

I’m not brave enough to put out the fire I lit

And I hate myself because of it

I need to face these flames

Because I know that I’m the one to blame

Maybe like they say, I do deserve to die,

Because every time I make another perfect lie,

I don’t expect you to understand

Because I’m not brave enough to face who I am

And I don’t know how many times I’ve backed out and lied

But this time I’m gonna try

Stay right here, take a deep breath,

Look right into the face of death,

And what I’ve done is unforgivable

 But I have to find a way to make this all livable,

They think that I don’t care

But I really do, I’m just scared,

This time I’m gonna find what it takes

To pull it together and fix my mistakes

And though there’s threats all around

I’ve gotta find a way to live it down

I know that these mistakes were mine

And I’m going to stand my ground this time

This time I’m ready to face what I’ve done

This time I swear I’m not going to run.



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