Bullets and lashes and bruising blows

Bend till I break, they’re watching, they know

They love to take what my weaknesses and turn them all against me

They love when I give in and fall to my knees

Just cover my face and hope it will be over one day

That the constant taunts and strikes will just go away

But it doesn’t, and they don’t, and they just toy with my fears

Drag out each moment, each day, each year

Until he shows up to find me

Alone, terrified, in the corner of an alley

Where they’ll run when they see him and leave me alone

And he’ll brush off the dust and carry me home

And he’s the only reason I’m still alive

They fear him enough to let me survive

Because he has money, power, influence

So they leave me alone when he comes over the fence

And even though when he kisses me goodbye and tells me it’ll be alright

I still can’t close my eyes at night

And one day after this happened again and I

Broke down all over and started to cry

He pulled me closer and closed the space

Met my gaze and looked straight at my face

And he said “Just what if you stood up, just one time?

What if you didn’t let them cross those lines?

What if you lifted your head up, gave it a fight?

What if you showed them that they’re not right?

Because you know you’re someone I’ll always jump in to save

But just one time I’d love to watch you be brave

I’d love to watch you shine

Watch you burn bright- just one time

Show them who you really are

Through all the pain and all the scars

I’d love to hear them later confess

That you were acting incredible, reckless

Walking easily out of that mess


And his words filled my head with doubt like clouds

But I nodded, whispered “I’ll make you proud”

And when they came the next time

I told myself it’d be just fine

I was shaking, trembling, but I stood my ground

Warned them off and stared them down

They gave me strange looks, like they didn’t understand

Then turned around and ran

And in a window I caught my reflection- only that wasn’t me

There was a strange look in her eyes that I’d never seen

Laughing, daring, like she couldn’t care less

And smiling, I walked home alone




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