I’m used to everyone looking over my head,

Choosing the smartest, the strongest instead,

Always a step behind- Just out of range

And they tell me it’s something I’ll never change,

Always last pick- I guess they’re right,

But I have this dream that I hold onto tight,

A wish that if I close my eyes and try,

I could go soaring- I could fly,

I’ll get there one day and they’ll all see,

Why they shouldn’t have looked down on me,

They’ll wonder how they could’ve looked at me with doubt,

Power and strength is what I think about,

One day I’ll be stronger than the rest,

Because I’ll rise to the top- the very best

Head up high, refusing to bend

That will be me one day- And they’ll call me a legend.

Right now they tell me that I’ll never be enough,

That I should wait till I finally grow up,

But I know I’ve got more fire than them in my heart,

That I was the bravest from the start,

That I’ll burn with the wildest flame,

That the world will ring with my name,

One day they’ll all take it all back,

One day I’ll run them off the track

Raising the battle cry again and again,

One day they’ll see- and they’ll call me a legend,

And they can say whatever they want about me

It’s not like it will change what they see

And this is my dream- my greatest ambition

This is the song that I’ll sing, my lifetime mission

And I will never go down without a fight

I’ll do anything to prove they’re not right

Because I can do it if I believe I can

And that’s just something they can’t understand

Unbreakable and without an end

I promise you now that one day my name will be Legend.



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