A story just begun

A bird just in flight

Blue sky


You’re why

There are now just deep red scars

You blocked off the light

Shot down the bird

Made this place dark as night

With just a couple of words

You didn’t even see

I was in love

Threw that blow on me

And now it’s all “I was

I was innocent

I was a thousand words unspoken

Before you went

And got my heart all twisted and broken

I shouldn’t have left the pages of that book

Out for you to see

Didn’t bother to read it- not even to look

Before you walked out on me

I was a flower

All ready to open

Shouldn’t have left it in your power

To take me out with one motion

I gave you my heart

Then you brought my high to its crash

Tore me apart

Tossed it all in the trash

So now here I stand

Writing down how I feel

You had my heart in your hand

But you claimed it wasn’t real

Three words would’ve done it

Three words meant it all

But the wrong three words hit

The wrong three words caused my fall

I guess I can’t blame you

For this empty space

It was my fault too

I shouldn’t have given you my heart in the first place

And now you’ve moved on- but please just know

Treat your next strike- off better

Watch the places you go

At least leave your next try a letter

You never did that for me

Say how you feel

So at least they can see

The heart you claimed you have’s real

That somewhere under that ice

Something under that cold

Even if you have to look twice

There’s still a shimmer of gold

Watch what you say

Be careful because

Maybe you can change your ways

If you remember before you what I was





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