Burning lights

Alive at night

Drown out stars

You can’t believe you made it this far

You’ve come such a long way

From that old hideaway

Out in that clear country air

Stuck out in the middle of nowhere

And now welcome to your dream

But it’s not all it seems

Don’t trust the strangers

Keep your eyes open for danger

Because people will tell you they have what you’re needing

Stab you in the back and ask you why you’re bleeding

Turn you right around from where you need to go

But they can’t touch you as long as you know

You can be stronger, smarter than the rest

Play your cards right and you can be the best

So make the right moves and hide your ace up your sleeve

Remember they’ll come back even after they leave

There’s a trick to everything- know what to expect

Because nobody’s  completely trustworthy and nobody’s perfect

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer still

Know when someone’s moving in for the kill

Make the right moves and you’ll be just fine

Don’t stick around when someone crosses your line

Smile, be polite with the people you meet

But always watch your back- that’s the law of the streets

Stay up too late, live the night life, crash hard at dawn

You get this just once so live it hard before it’s gone

And these burning lights like candle flames

Seem to flicker out and call your name

This place has been waiting for you

Watching to see what you’ll do

Keep your head high as you walk through this mess

They’ll all stop and stare, saying  “who’s that? they seem fearless”

Be like a cat- always land on your feet

This place has always been your destiny

Dream forever, fear less, run hard, run long

Imagine big, stay sharp, look twice, be strong

Roll the windows down on a midnight ride

Even the tallest skyscraper’s not as big as you are inside

You’ve been waiting for this moment for years

Now live it up because that moment is here

Enjoy yourself because there’s wonders everywhere

But always be smart and always be aware

Be on the lookout for a backstabbing knife

And that right there is how you live the city life




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