I remember the day you were born

As clear as yesterday

It was in the middle of a storm

But you chased all the clouds away

As you grew into a little girl

With brown hair and eyes that shone

You’d sing and laugh and twirl

You were all the best things I’d ever known

You’d weave flowers into crowns as you sang silly little songs

Beg me to build a snowman in the winter and jump in leaves during the fall

What would’ve happened if I’d known all along?

Would things have changed at all?

And you were so innocent, so incredible-

And you loved to make others laugh

You were an angel so beautiful

But then heaven stole you back

Just five years old

Then it all happened in a flash

And all I was told

Is that you’d didn’t survive the crash

At first I denied it-

There was no way you didn’t survive

But when reality hit

I had to accept you weren’t alive

And I have such sharp flashbacks of that day

When I

Felt my iron walls melt away

And turn to slamming into the walls screaming “Why?”

And your casket was so small

It was raining just like at your birth

But this time it seemed like weather’s more fitting call

As they lowered my angel into cold hard earth

What would’ve happened if I’d never gone for that drive?

If I’d never had you go?

I bet my own life that you’d still be alive

But now I’ll never know

Because I can’t turn back time

It’s all too late

The blame is all mine

Or is it just a cruel trick of fate?

And I stand in your room

And images fly by me

You were gone too soon

And I keep seeing the beautiful woman you never got to be

And I sort through the hand- me- down clothes

You’ll never grow into

And God only knows

What would’ve happened if I could go back to a month ago

And I think of the teenager who I never got to meet

All dressed up and ready for her first date

Taking that dog you begged for as a kid on walks up and down the street

But you’ll never get to grow up thanks to my mistake

You should’ve gotten to grow older- met a handsome young man

Who would bring out that beautiful smile

And he would ask for your hand

And I’d watch you wear pure white as you walked down the aisle

I hope you can forgive me

For the future you never got to have

For the woman you never got to be

And I’d do anything to have you back

You were pure light and sunshine that melted away all cold

And you didn’t deserve that death

I hope that you’ve found your way to heaven’s streets of gold





Road crashes: Kill 260,000 children a year and injure about 10 million. They are the leading cause of death among youths ages 10 to 19, and a leading cause of child disability and the number one cause of fatal child injuries. I was horrified to learn this, because the majority of car accidents could be avoided if only the drivers would drive more responsibly. About 40% of car accident fatalities occur because of a drunken driver. About 30% of the car accident fatalities can be attributed to driving above the speed limits and 33% and above because of reckless driving that causes the car to go off the road and result in an accident. That means that so many of these accidents could’ve been avoided. Please be careful on the road- if not for yourself, than for other people. It really does matter. I once passed by a car crash on my way back from a trip to D.C. What I saw was a twisted car and a  street full of pools of blood. It’s not funny. It’s something that could be avoided.
and you could be the one to prevent a death.
Don’t be stupid.
Drive safely.






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