Lights die

Try to burn brighter

Try to not cry

Try to make it all lighter

Everything’s gray

The hearts, the words, the dreams

Can’t just blow it away

It’s all so lacking in color I forgot what that means

And when they look

They see open pages

Just like a book

Someone stuck in broken stages

And that’s because they don’t know

About the whispers in the night

About the places I go

When no one’s in sight

And they want me to be broken

They don’t want me to be seen

They don’t want the words in my head to be spoken

I’m just a living bad dream

But I am beyond their limitations

I am unstoppable

I can break all their expectations

I can accomplish all the impossible

And they hold me down with all their chains

But they can’t ever stop what’s in my head

And I ignore their taunts and names

Their wishes for me to be dead

Because I know that despite their efforts their words can never hurt me

And so I ignore all their labels

I know that I’ll always be free

And I can turn all their tables

And when I close my eyes

I can run away

Far off into nowhere and I

Don’t come back the next day

And in my head I escape

To what they say I can and can’t do

Swim the deepest river and climb the steepest mountain face

And I come back to you

And they say I’m completely out of my mind

But I’ll still hold out on you

Ten years is a long time

But I know you’ll pull through

And this hope is something they could never steal

It’s something they could never tie down

It’s something too strong and too real

To be something they’ve ever found

And I have no regrets

This love is incredible, it’s screaming but hidden

This hope is my secret






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