Voices echo down these halls,

Shadows fly across these walls,

No way to tell if it’s day or night,

Because this places has never seen light,

Closed in, locked up, never escape,

Chained down, trapped, it’s already too late,

Four walls, a ceiling, a floor,

A twelve by twelve space and nothing more,

And day after day as the hours drag by,

I remember that fiery look in your eyes,

As you caught me, took me from my home,

Trapped me in the dark, desperate and alone,

And you watched me twist and turn,

Set me on fire and watched me burn,

Fixed me with your red- hot gaze,

Watched me go down in a flaming blaze,

I fell as a liar for another liar,

As you set me drowning in fire,

And that memory flares again and again in my head,

All of the pain and what you said,

And you thought you could contain me,

But soon I’ll be free,

And then the sky will open and the rain will pour down,

It’ll stream over me and I’ll finally breathe as I drown,

And I’ll laugh when it’s over because I can finally fly again,

Forget all of the lies that we both told then,

And I’ll stretch out my wings and take to the clouds,

And more and more water will stream and rush down,

Fire meets water- two forces collide,

And everyone knows it’s fire that dies,

And through all your anger and battle scars,

I can see who you really are,

You’re just scared and lost and don’t know what to do,

And what you’re doing to me I’ll bet someone once did to you,

So you kept the fire alive because you wanted to deal,

All of the hate that you still feel,

But soon you’re going to learn,

There’s a whole new different way to burn.






10 thoughts on “DROWNING IN FIRE

  1. I want this to become a song with a proper melody and an excellent singer and the best instrumentalists and I want for it to win like the best possible award there is for lyrics.
    And I want you to be famous.
    This is so freakishly brilliant.
    You’re my sensei. I’d love your opinion on a couple of attempts I made at poetry 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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