So many different places

A thousand million faces

None of which I’ll ever remember

And each time it’s always different than all the past times were

And  there’s been so many crazy things I’ve done

Just to get the cameras showing off that I’m the one

And everywhere

I go people stare

Because I’m that girl that wherever I go

Everyone knows

I’m on the cover of every magazine

I’m on top of the world living life in a dream

And yet

Here’s my secret

I hate it when the crowds all scream my name

I hate living under the weight of fame

I hate how my every secret comes out

How it’s not me that my life is about

I hate how I have to do whatever people want me to

Make all the moves that they want me to do

And sometimes I step back and wish

That I could escape from all this

That I could be just an everyday kid

And do all the things my friends tell me they did

That I could go out with them to a movie

And all of those cameras wouldn’t point at me

And I know people think they’d love to be a celebrity

But there’s no more lonely place to be

I wish that I had as hard of a time getting boys as other girls do

And that I wasn’t someone they all think they can see right through

And I hate these rehearsals and these photo shoots

I hate the stupid feathered boas and the high- heeled boots

I hate all the makeup and how they make me look so old

And I hate all the lies that for the public I’ve told

And now I’m going to get out in front of them all and put on a smile

Laugh and live up the party while the whole while

I’ll be crying and dying with everything inside of me’s got

Because this isn’t what I want to be- not by a long shot

And I’ll never escape- my whole life will be on screen

While everything inside is something that will never be seen

And now I’m expected to step out under those lights

And spill out all of my deepest secrets tonight

But that’s just the way things are

When you live this life…





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