I told you before that I’d break both our hearts,

But you couldn’t tell right and wrong apart,

I hope you can now that you’re still trying to get your heart to mend,

After our love’s twisted end,

After the last of our love turned to ghosts,

After I told you you mattered the most,

After we ran away that moonlit night,

Into a place that had never seen light,

Where shadows were alive and we got caught up in lies,

Hours away from when secrets caused our hearts to die,

I knew we would both end up with inside of us dead,

But it wasn’t the first time, So I just smiled and said:

Didn’t you know that this is a danger zone,

No one in their right mind would come here alone,

But we did what no one else would,

For no other reason than because we could,

We could be killed, we could be hurt,

So what were we thinking? The thing was we weren’t,

What? I’m safe? Don’t you know that’s not true,

What? No warning- maybe I should’ve told you,

I think you could tell even before that first kiss,

It was your own mistake to get dragged into this,

But no, you’re saying you couldn’t see,

And now you’re trying to blame me,

Saying I got myself stuck in your head,

And now it’s my fault that they’ll find us dead,

You’re telling me it’s my fault it all turned out so bad,

That we’re trapped in a place where everyone goes mad,

Well we’re here now, there’s nothing else we can do,

So I just stand back and laugh at you,

The moon lighting up the perfect night’s sky,

Standing here, laughing, about to die…



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