One promise,

One vow,

A set of eyes watching from the night,

All led up to this,

And right now,

This love’s been shifted to black light,

Burning stars

Across the sky

You and me meet up in a supernova,

Crossed scars

Don’t ask why

I never told you,

There’s a thousand maybes,

Not enough “yes’s” or “No’s”

We’re a bang that will lead to cosmic background radiation,

There’s so many possibilities

You never know

Just use your imagination,

This love is a song

It’s a whole planet

It’s so far beyond the human race ,

Together’s where we belong

Too perfect to have planned it

Something like a shooting star straight from outer space,

This love isn’t sweet

It’s too perfectly dark to be defined

This love is like the impact of a thousand mile fall,

What were the chances we’d meet

Two beings aligned

When I followed your call,

This love is an orbit

Around icy rings

Of a whole realm beyond human touch,

A perfect fit

The crazy thing

Is that it’s not enough but it’s way too much,

Until the end of time

Will be us

Just you and me

You’ll always be mine


Together we’re something from another galaxy,

This love is cosmic,

Like a solar flare

And it’s beyond anything this world is seen,

This love is toxic

This is a nightmare

And the sweetest dream,

This love is a whisper in the night’s perfect dark,

This love is a lie

But we’re both telling the truth

This love is a flame burst out from a glowing spark,

And we don’t even have to try

Together we’re fireproof

This love is insane

It’s  beyond human minds

This love is the darkest curse

It’s the night calling your name

This love is one of a kind

And this love is out of this universe



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