People mess up and say the wrong things

People try and apologize

They don’t know what kind of pain they can bring

Weaving nets of lies

But  this is my hope for me and you

That even though you walked away

You’ll think things through

And one day…

One day maybe you’ll wake up and you’ll realize

I really am sorry

It wasn’t an act when I cried

And you’ll come back to me

And you I know I’m waiting right here

I’m not moving on

You forgetting all about me is my greatest fear

And I loved you all along

And I’ll wait till I die

If that’s what it takes

This isn’t a lie

Just let me fix my mistakes

And every day I’ll be here at the corner of the street

Because I know you’ll know

This was the place we last promised to meet

And it’s the first place you’ll go

If you’re looking for me

Because one day I hope with everything I have

That you’ll finally see

You’ve still got my heart’s other half

And one day I hope that you’ll miss me too

And you won’t move on yet

Because you know I’m still missing you

And you’re my biggest regret

It should’ve worked fine

You’re my whole world- my whole galexy

And deep down you’re still mine

You’re the universe to me

And I’m not giving up, I’m standing my ground

You’re my light and my love

Even when they gather around

Laughing because

They say you’re not coming back

I should just forget

Get my life back on track

But I’ll tell you a secret

They can throw all their bombs and blows

But I don’t care what they say, they just don’t see

Because they don’t know

I know you’re coming back for me…

One day




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