I remember when

I was perfect and then

Everything fell apart

Listen close and you can hear

The sounds of people screaming in fear

The fragile sound of breaking hearts

I was the good guy- I always won

I was a role model- but that’s no fun,

The good guy act never gets far

A villain’s more fitting for all of these scars

I was tired of showing up and saving the day

Waiting for trouble while pretending that I’m okay

I’m going to start playing a different role

I get to decide who has the control

I am going to

Do everything I shouldn’t do

I don’t care what they say

I just need a getaway

From all of this

Because being a superhero with a fancy gun

Sending all the bad guys off on the run

Is so overrated

Perfect is so outdated

Caring so much about everyone else

While never noticing what happens to yourself

Is all good and fine

I willingly put my life on the line

But always saying what people want to hear

And putting on a smile to hide my fear

Is going to drive me insane

The crowds screaming my name

I can’t do it any more

I’m losing score

Of how many nights

I’ve spent chasing what’s right

I was so tired of faking

It’s what caused all this breaking

So now I’m the bad guy- when they see me they run

They all can’t believe what I’ve become

I’m a killer, I’m a monster, I deserve to die

I tried to be good- I really did try

This is all just one giant test of control

It’s my life, not just a role

A bad guy act is more fitting for someone tired of life

Losing the gun for a backstabbing knife

And now I strike terror and now I strike hate

They calling for a hero, but thanks to them it’s too late…




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